Does Isaiah 9:6 contradict Matthew 10:34?

An atheist’s challenge:

Contradiction 101 “Bring PEACE or War?”

Isa 9:6  For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Mat 10:34  Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.


A Christian answer:

No contradiction here.

It’s all about context.

It only looks like a contradiction to those who fail II Tim. 2:15.

Ultimate peace is for sinners to be reconciled to a holy God.

Proclaiming the Truth of God in this life is divisive. It creates conflict, not peace, because the natural man does not receive the things of the spirit and is in rebellion against God and those who follow Him.

Christ was crucified to satisfy God with regard to sin, therefore He can justly give peace and everlasting life to those upon whom He will have mercy.

Yes, we really DO know the Bible and are happy to teach you.

My answer:

Of course, if you as an atheist really knew your Bible better you would be able to more carefully distinguish things that differ. You must take differences into account when you are alleging similarities.

One text you cite (Isaiah 9:6) refers to the second advent or coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The other text you cite (Matthew 10:34) refers to the first advent or coming of Christ.

Jesus Himself made this very clear in His conversation on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24:26.

Luk 24:26  Ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and to enter into his glory?

1Pe 1:11  Searching what, or what manner of time the Spirit of Christ which was in them did signify, when it testified beforehand the sufferings of Christ, and the glory that should follow.

Atheist response:

Thats one of the interpretation according to your christian cult but it doesnt mean its the right one. All 45,000 denomination hold its own truth

My response:

On what basis in terms of actual evidence can you make the claim that “only a LIE has different versions”? (My comment refers to a “meme” that I cannot reproduce here which showed a shelf of several popular Bible translations with the accompanying claim “only a LIE has different versions”) I have several different English versions or translations of works of great classic literature.

Just what connection does your claim of “All 45,000 denominations hold its own truth” have to do with the validity of the rule of interpretation I referenced, that when seeking to understand the Bible, “You must take differences into account when you are alleging similarities”?

Another atheist responds:

The devious duplicity of xtianity using a conglomeration of babbling philosophically twisted multi-translated completely unknown authors, except possibly Paul, who by today’s cultural standards represents corrupt morality. But you two dudes don’t want to live in today’s moral standards do you?

My response:

I reject your blanket “conglomeration of babbling philosophically twisted multi-translated completely unknown authors” statement as being devoid of any connection with reality.

The only New Testament book which is written by an anonymous (to us) author is the book of Hebrews.

And as for “today’s moral standards,” this too is too broad a designation. Specifically, what moral standards are you referring to?

[No further atheist response here: my comment might have been a discussion killer.]



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    Asking questions are actually nice thing if you are not understanding anything totally, but this piece of writing gives pleasant understanding even.

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    There is much material here about the Bible to learn about.

    I hope you will come back often to learn more.

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