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Daily Bible Nugget #321, Matthew 24:6, “but the end is not yet.”

The Nugget: Mat 24:6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. My Comment: Notice that Jesus pointedly … Continue reading

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[I do not think Mrs. Donna Garner will mind my posting her timely article here. She and I share a strong interest in the teaching of English. I know she loves the Bible, and fortunately bought for herself one of … Continue reading

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The Extreme Peril of False Religion

I received an important prayer request today concerning two related groups of Lutheran missionaries in the Middle East who were then within ten minutes of ISIS fighters, fighters who were ruthlessly beheading Christian children in front of their own parents. … Continue reading

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My answer to “The Pretrib Jackpot!” by Bruce Rockwell

A new poster kindly submitted the following article by Bruce Rockwell this morning [September 15, 2014] to the comment section for the William Craig article I posted on July 31, 2014. Just now, the comment section for that article returns … Continue reading

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Reviewing the Reviewers, Part 4

Positive Reviews for Nelson’s Cross Reference Guide to the Bible: [I am most thankful to Amazon and these reviewers of my book, Nelson’s Cross Reference Guide to the Bible. Thankful to Amazon for keeping these reviews on line; thankful to … Continue reading

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Reviewing the Reviewers Part 3

The following positive reviews of The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge I found at the Amazon website just now [9/16/14: server problems prevented my posting anything until just now, 10-4-14 at 7:15 pm]. They speak for themselves, and I am … Continue reading

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