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Affirmative Action NO, Affirmative Learning YES

I think it is about time the “Affirmative Action” issue is addressed squarely right here and right now. The people of Michigan voted to abolish affirmative action for college admission in this state. (Reuters) – A Michigan law that bans … Continue reading

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Saturday, November 7, 1953

That evening I was to attend the Holiness Youth Crusade rally at the Detroit Institute of Arts auditorium. At the youth rally representatives of many participating churches were to take part in a Bible Quiz to determine the winner from … Continue reading

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Truth is never determined by a majority vote

The voters have spoken. The next four years ought to be interesting. If present policies continue, mathematics may catch up to us and collapse the economy and the government. The debt problem cannot be solved by borrowing more money. When … Continue reading

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Governor Snyder’s Dirty Politics in Michigan

I sent the following letter to Governor Snyder just now, because both he and the Michigan Attorney General are involved in dishonest actions in direct violation of the Bible: (1) Thou shalt not lie or bear false witness–Exodus 20:16; (2) … Continue reading

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