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Daily Bible Nugget #555, Proverbs 18:17

The Nugget: Proverbs 18:17  He that is first in his own cause seemeth just; but his neighbour cometh and searcheth him. (KJV) Pro 18:17  The first to state his case seems right until his neighbor comes to cross-examine him. (GW) … Continue reading

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Revolutionize Your Bible Study in 2020

The Ultimate Cross-Reference Treasury links you to  key scriptures that enlighten every passage in the Bible. The most complete collection of Bible cross-references ever published. Available ONLY from eStudySource and released exclusively in e-Sword format! Let the Bible be its … Continue reading

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Daily Bible Nugget #554, Proverbs 1:10

The Nugget: Proverbs 1:10  My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not. My Comment: I particularly noticed this verse from the first chapter of Proverbs when I first began to read the Bible for myself. The verse is short … Continue reading

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Daily Bible Nugget #553, Isaiah 55:3

The Nugget: Isa 55:3  Incline your ear, and come unto me: hear, and your soul shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David. My Comment: A friend posted on Facebook recently … Continue reading

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Four Questions Answered

The Challenge: answer these questions and I will covert to christanity. 1-go to church on Sunday. 2-jesus sing and dance in the church. 3-god called jesus his son. 4-where jesus said god is three in 1. My Answer: Thank you … Continue reading

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The surest weapon against bad ideas

Proverbs and Quotations “The only sure weapon against bad ideas is BETTER IDEAS.” A. Whitney Griswold My Comment: One source of the best ideas is the Bible. You can find good ideas in many well-written books. In my teaching career … Continue reading

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Sharpen your focus

Proverbs and Quotations “One of the gravest perils which besets the ministry is a restless scattering of energies over an amazing multiplicity of interests which leaves no margin of time and of strength for receptive and absorbing communion with God.” … Continue reading

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On Reading

Proverbs and Quotations “Resolve to edge in a little reading every day, if it is but a single sentence. If you gain fifteen minutes a day, it will make itself felt at the end of the year.”  Horace Mann My … Continue reading

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