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The Hartford–Warning, Jesus said “Defraud Not”

I was informed by letter from The Hartford (Lexington, KY) in October 2012 that they sought the executor of my deceased (2007) father’s estate. That they reached me shows they have a data base that must be correct. Correct, because … Continue reading

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Defending Due Process Rights

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Stand with a man while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.” Abraham Lincoln I believe Lincoln’s statement is in full accord with Bible truth. This morning I found an opportunity to … Continue reading

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How to Dig Deeper using Cross Reference Bible Study

Many times at this site, Real Bible, some of the best information about Bible study and how to do it is hidden in the comments section as I post comments in response to those who post their questions or … Continue reading

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A tragedy has occurred. Twenty children and six teachers were killed outright by a gunman at an elementary school in Connecticut. Now the media and the powers that be in our government cry “We must do something!” What is being … Continue reading

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