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“This page was last edited on January 10, 2010 at 5:54 pm.” That must mean that is when this site began!

This site, Real Bible Study dot Com, has been written by me, Jerome Smith, to help everyone learn how to get the most out of reading the Bible.

This site is meant to be read, even studied. You won’t benefit much if you only stop by and read for two or three minutes. Do stop by often, and read as much as you can. I read it myself, and I spend half an hour or more to carefully read what I wrote!

There is much to learn posted here. You can get a quite complete education in how to study the Bible, apologetics, theology, Bible doctrine, Bible prophecy, and hermeneutics (how to interpret the Bible and know for sure you have the correct interpretation), by reading both the articles I have posted, and my answers to questions and comments submitted by others.

To get the very most possible benefit from this site, I suggest that you read the oldest material first, and progress in order to the current postings. You can easily do this by going to the Archives listed at the right hand side of any page, and start with January 2010 and read those articles first.

Do you have a question or comment of your own? Feel free to post it. So long as you have written what you post in your own words, and it pertains to the Bible or anything on this site, your comment will be accepted. If you have a question, I will be eager to provide you an answer. If you disagree with me, that is good. It shows you are thinking. I might offer an answer to your position. Or, if you turn out to be correct, I might even change my mind and agree with you!

Though I am simply a retired English teacher from Detroit, where I taught from 1962 until I retired in 2001, I have spent much time in studying the Bible.

One could almost say I have not only read the Bible through, I have done the equivalent of typing it through. I typed the text of my Bible study tool, The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, using an Apple 2+ computer equipped with CP/M WordStar, using hundreds of 5 1/4″ floppy disks to store the results. It took me five full years to type it up, working full time, seven days a week, after twenty-six years of research. I am thankful to George Mott (the founder of Mott Media, where I served for a short time as editor, following Leonard Goss) and his family for giving me my first computer, the Apple Computer, back about 1983. Mr. Mott went home to be with the Lord about the time I finished typing my manuscript. I am thankful to Mr. Phil Stoner who brought my project to Thomas Nelson Publishers, where my work was published in 1992 as The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge is no longer available in printed book form, but it is available from Nelson or from Logos in software form.

I went through the whole Bible again in 2006 and 2007 to prepare my second Bible study resource, Nelson’s Cross Reference Guide to the Bible. The Cross Reference Guide actually has more cross references than the New Treasury does. It has all the cross references that the New Treasury has, but in consolidated form. I eliminated the duplication of references at verses on the same subject by keying them all to one main reference point or verse for that subject or theme. I did that for nearly 2000 different subjects and themes. That means the main reference point where all the references found elsewhere are collected now has more references than it originally did. That made the book shorter, which is what the publisher had requested, without sacrificing any of the cross reference links. Just follow the + sign to find the main reference points. The + symbol means “find more here.” To make the book shorter, I also eliminated almost all the notes and all the chapter headings.

I am now on my third time through the Bible, adding even more cross references than ever before. I am also adding back the chapter headings and all the notes present in the New Treasury.

I am also adding all the notes from the Comprehensive Bible, the source of both the notes and references found in the original Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.

Many of the notes in the Comprehensive Bible were left out of the original Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, probably because there was not enough space to keep them.

The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge is matched, page for page, with Bagster’s Polyglott Bible in English. When there were many more cross references furnished for a chapter, to keep the pages matched, the typesetters used smaller type, as in the Psalms, where many references are cramped into three columns per page of very tiny print in the original Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.

My current project is a much longer work than The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, and may prove to be too long for a single volume book. But length is no problem in Bible software, so I expect my project will appear in software format. It is already a delight for me to consult these new, more complete references. Perhaps in a year or two (I’m writing this on Sunday, December 4, 2011) my material will be ready for everyone to use in their study of God’s inspired Word, the Bible.

[Well, here it is August 10, 2016, and I received just yesterday a notice that my new work of Bible cross references is now available.  It is “Exclusive & New for e-Sword.”  My new Bible study tool will not work with previous versions of the e-Sword Bible study software;  it requires the new Version 11 to work.  To get my new Bible study resource, you must download the free e-Sword Bible software from http://www.e-Sword.net  and then click on the “downloads” button at the top of the program. You will see a listing of available modules for e-Sword.  Scroll down to the “Premium Modules,” and in that list in its alphabetical position you will see my work, The Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury, listed.  Clicking on that title will take you to where this Bible software module can be purchased.  I did this myself just today (August 10, 2016), and the whole process worked beautifully, and now I have my own book in its new, professional software format for my use in Bible study. I’m looking forward to using it myself, and I know that some of you who read here will be eager to get this resource I’ve worked so long to create.]

Thank you for visiting my site. Bookmark it, and come back often!

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