The surest weapon against bad ideas

Proverbs and Quotations

“The only sure weapon against bad ideas is BETTER IDEAS.” A. Whitney Griswold

My Comment:

One source of the best ideas is the Bible. You can find good ideas in many well-written books. In my teaching career I shared a proverb or quotation each day. I wrote the proverb or quotation on the blackboard. One day after school at the last school where I taught in Detroit, a father whose daughter was on another school’s basketball team stopped me and asked, “Do you remember me?” He was a student at the first high school where I taught. I said I remember you but can’t recall your name. You sat in the last seat of the window row in room 629 at Cass Technical High School. He especially remarked, “Your proverbs and quotations have changed my life!” Then he proceeded to quote a proverb he remembered I had used from Benjamin Franklin.

Sometimes people do not believe the Bible. Somehow they have believed a bad idea about the Bible. The study of apologetics, the solid reasons to believe the Bible, has been a source of encouragement to me for many years. That is why you will find under “Categories” to the right of this page a number of categories devoted to apologetics.

I trust that at least some of my readers here will enjoy the proverbs and quotations I share from my “Proverbs and Quotations” file I originally compiled over many years for use in my classroom. At least they ought to give you something worthwhile to think about!

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