Reviewing the Reviewers Part 3

The following positive reviews of The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge I found at the Amazon website just now [9/16/14: server problems prevented my posting anything until just now, 10-4-14 at 7:15 pm]. They speak for themselves, and I am grateful to all who have said a good word about my book, and to Amazon for carrying my book and keeping these reviews available.

The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

By Kevin P. Timkoon July 11, 2001

Format: Hardcover
Though I am no pastor, I have a respectable library of exegetical works which enable me to understand the meaning of Biblical passages and others which are good to excellent at finding what I need. I find the New Treasury an invaluable tool in these endeavors. It is an awesome chain-reference tool that, combined with my concordance (I use Young’s), my lexicons (Gesenius (OT), Wilson (OT), Vine’s Expository Dictionary for New Testament words and Thayer (NT)), and my interlinear Bible have GREATLY enhanced my Bible studies which I have used to answer many people who search for Biblical answers to hard questions. I strongly recommend this text, especially to pastors and teachers of the Bible. This is in fact my second copy of this work, the first being given to a pastor friend of mine (who absolutely LOVES it). There are many aids in it to help you find passages of similar meaning (not necessarily the same word) as well as contrasting with passages of the opposite meaning. References are rated in how critical of a cross reference they are, and to where all of the references are listed in one section for that particular item you are studying. While I have never read the original Treasury, I find that this reference material is beyond just being helpful to the point of being a MAJOR part of my reference library.

Excellent Bible Study Tool

By Aletheiaon May 26, 2003

Format: Hardcover
I have been using the old edition of “The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge” until this new edition came out. And I instantly love it!

Here are the reasons:

1. Modernized typeset. The older edition was not good for reading, you had to strain your eyes to read, BUT this NEW edition has easy-to-read type, a big plus.

2. Revised and Expanded. The book revised some of the mistakes of the old edition and expanded more from it by adding additional materials, such as: (a) 100,000 new cross references. (b) Indexes to specific Bible topics, names, prayers, etc. This is useful for topical studies. (c) Inclusion of “System Markings” that uses symbols to highlight what “information can be found at specific references — whether fulfilled prophecy, similar word meanings, contrasting ideas, biblical types…etc.” This system I really love! It saves me time and helps me organize the study effectively each verse.

3. Very sturdy binding. Hard cover and stitched binding (It was stitched binding when it first came out (1992,1993), but recently they changed it to glued binding). The paper’s quality is excellent.

The only gripe I have is that it uses KJV of the Bible for entries (it is not available for other versions of the Bible).

Well, you can’t have ’em all. In all, I found this new edition incredible and indispensable on my desk. For all those who love the Bible will love this tool for years to come.

[I used the KJV/AV as the basis of the New Treasury because (1) it is in the public domain and requires no permission to use it; (2) it is the best widely available English translation because it is literal enough that one can make clear references to related passages and the KJV can consistently be used to follow the figures of speech used in the Bible; (3) The KJV is an established translation that is not constantly being updated so its key words remain constant! (4) The KJV follows the Received Text of the Greek NT–many modern versions follow texts which drop out many words and even verses such as Acts 8:37; (5) To accommodate those of a more scholarly bent I have included alternate readings and renderings which update the KJV after an un-italicized “or” following the affected key word or words; (6) The KJV is a superior literary work which no modern translation can match; (7) Many standard reference works such as Strong’s Concordance, Young’s Analytical Concordance, and other such works are keyed to the King James Version]

The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

By Roy Germainon September 22, 2001

Format: Hardcover
I obtained my first copy of this work a few years ago. I find it invaluable in my biblical study and research work. Having reviewed the original, I find that the aids included in NTSK opens your mind and stimulates thought in a Godly perspective. I loaned my first copy to a colleague and can’t get him to return it. When I’m travelling, besides my Bible, The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, and Strong’s Concordance are the resources that go with me.

The Only Bible Needed for Bible Study

By Wayne H. Mackirdyon November 28, 2000

Format: Hardcover
I am a retired Army Chaplain. Often, when deployed, I could only take a limited amount of resources. If I could only take one book in addition to my Bible, it would be TSK. Every verse of the Bible is cross-referenced…a basic principle of Bible Study is that the Bible best interprets the Bible. This is the most valuable resource you can have on your shelf. This is the first book any student of the Bible should purchase. By the way, this doesn’t discount the many other resources available, it just is the first one you ought to obtain.

Massive but cumbersome

By paulon February 10, 2003

Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase
The New Treasury is an improvement over the classic, original Treasury. The notes in the New Treasury are more informative. However, there is so much material in either Treasury that one can get sidetracked or overwhelmed looking up each cross reference. Also ,one will be turning many, many Bible pages to see the actual cross references. The best solution is to get the CDRom of the New Treasury in a program like Libronix and pass the mouse over the reference for a popup or click to see the reference. That way the place in the New Treasury isn’t lost in all the cross-referencing. An excellent Bible tool, but easier to use in electronic form {cdrom}. paulbatscha

An improvement over the original

By Brian Douglason December 2, 2001

Format: Hardcover
Don’t believe the nay-sayers! This is an incredibly useful reference book for anyone who wants to study the Word, even more so than the original Treasury. Its system of cross-referencing is comprehensive and easy to use. I’ve found Smith’s reference symbols to be useful, but if you don’t like or agree with them, you can just ignore them! This book is a tremendously valuable cross referencing tool, and I recommend it to anyone who seeks to better understand the cohesiveness and scope of Biblical teaching.

it`s new yet old.

By david lopezon June 18, 2014

Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase
great especially the exegesis of 1thess.5:23. Thank you very much, a great bible study tool no matter what subject you are studying.

Notes on each book, each chapter, each verse.

By E. J. Lordon January 21, 2014

Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase
This is not a concordance but the bookend that completes an exhaustive concordance. An excellent tool for the Bible student.

Great help

By Nancy Caeson April 9, 2013

Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase
My husband and I both use it for inductive Bible study. It is a real help to find related verses.

Great addition to Bible students study

By Jerry Ray Woodon February 25, 2013

Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase
This book is a great addition to a believers library, It is a great help in helping one interpret scripture with scripture. A true treasure. Easy to use, encourages one to study the word.

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