Boost the Impact of Your Outreach

I have noticed that very few individuals and churches are reaching out to their immediate neighborhood and community by helping both children and adults improve in reading.

I was asked to devise and conduct such an  outreach at a neighborhood church near the first school where I taught English and reading. The program was very successful and well-received.

It is very hard to read and correctly understand the Bible if you lack good reading skills.

You will not get all you should out of your Bible reading and study if you lack what reading professionals (like me) call inference skills.

Even college students and college graduates generally lack adequate inference skills.

Everyone can learn to read better at any age.

The Language Enrichment Program is available on Amazon. On Amazon, search for “Jerome Smith The Language Enrichment Program” and you will easily find it.

Jerome Smith The Language Enrichment Program

I developed my book to help students write better English. In the process of having my students use it, I discovered that students who used my program greatly improved in reading. Reluctant readers became eager readers. My students improved in all their academic subjects. Many students were on the honor roll because their grades improved in all their other classes.

When I was transferred to teach in a high school for gifted and talented students, I used my program to “defend” my students against other English teachers who taught traditional English grammar. Those teachers told me they could always tell which of their students had been in my class because they knew their English grammar.

My point is, my book, The Language Enrichment Program, works for remedial and reluctant readers and it works as academic enrichment for gifted and talented students.

Find it on Amazon by searching for “Jerome Smith The Language Enrichment Program.”


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