“If you think reading is boring, you’re doing it wrong.”


I read an interesting meme on Facebook that said “If you think reading is boring, you’re doing it wrong.”

I wrote a cure for that problem that has helped many people. My cure is titled “The Language Enrichment Program.” If you want to solve this problem, buy the book on Amazon! In the category of “books,” search for “Jerome Smith The Language Enrichment Program” and you will find it.


From 9-19-21:

My Language Enrichment Program still works as an effective tool to improve anyone’s reading comprehension and inference skills. Search for it on Amazon under Jerome Smith The Language Enrichment Program and you will find it easily.

In light of today’s events and concerns, here is a seemingly forgotten solution that still works!

My book, The Language Enrichment Program, helps anyone read better with greater understanding.

This book works with students of any age (above age 8 through adult, though with parent or teacher help it can be used with students as young as the second grade).

On average, students who use this resource advance two grade levels in reading comprehension. Of course, this being the average, half advance more than two years, some as many as four or five years in their level of reading comprehension.

This reading improvement helps students who need to pass required tests to demonstrate they read on grade level before they can pass to the next grade level.

Students who are English language learners are better prepared to pass college entrance or placement tests to avoid placement in remedial English courses.

The Language Enrichment Program is unique because it is self-instructional. Users can get the benefit of this resource with little or no help from a parent, tutor, or teacher.

This book has turned many “”reluctant learners”” into motivated readers. Get the reading and academic help your child, student or you need with this book. Improve your reading ability. Increase your reading speed. Strengthen your academic performance in all subjects. Experience improved academic motivation.

The Language Enrichment Program is ideal for home education, for homeschool, for language enrichment for gifted students.

Students who learn the content of this book may know more about English and some aspects of English grammar and linguistics than many educated adults do, sometimes including their teachers! It is the process of effectively learning the content that contributes to improved reading comprehension and improved inference skills, skills often lacking even in college and adult readers.

Available on Amazon: search by my title, The Language Enrichment Program and with my name: Jerome Smith The Language Enrichment Program.


Jerome Smith remains the most brilliant educator of my lifetime. From the time I first met him tutoring in his classroom in Detroit Denby High School with his file cabinet filled with more and better instructional materials than my district committee had just created, I became his number one fan. Anything he does from Biblical scholarship to instructional guides is so sound that when he says it works—it works! He is one of the reasons I know the Father loves us. (Dr. Ronald Kar)

Jerome Smith replied:

Thank you, Ronald Kar, for such a kind and for me encouraging comment!

Coming from the (former) Assistant Director of the Detroit Public Schools Office of Communication Arts, your comment ought to carry some weight and authority behind it!

I deeply appreciate our long friendship and your obvious care for the students and teachers in the Detroit Public Schools. Most of all, I count it a joy to know that you are a solid, Bible believing Christian.

Ronald Kar replied:

I retired first time as Curriculum Director having spent 25 years in teacher evaluation and second retirement as dept chair of curriculum and instruction for Argosy University and then volunteering. I have observed hundreds of teachers (w/o hyperbole) you remain the best. Your New Testament friend.


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