Posture in Prayer

Every now and again I read claims by Muslims that because Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane fully prostrated Himself, He must be a Muslim, because Muslims do that too.

This seems to me to be rather convoluted logic.

Here is some Biblical evidence that shows many different postures were employed during prayer in the Bible:

Here is a list of postures during prayer that I have noted in my reading of the Bible:
Prayer, posture during
(1) kneeling, +Dan 6:10 (T1259). Psa 95:6.
(2) sitting, Jdg 20:26 note, congregation seated. 1Ch 17:16, individual seated.
(3) standing, Mar 11:25.
(4) hands spread out, Exo 9:29.
(5) hands lifted, 1Ti 2:8.
(6) head bowed, Gen 24:26.
(7) eyes uplifted, Psa 121:1.
(8) with face to ground, Neh 8:6.
(9) Falling on face, Num 16:22.
(10) Bowing the knees, Isa 45:23.
(11) Toward the Temple in Jerusalem, Psa 5:7.
(12) Looking up, Psa 5:3.
This list is taken from the Subject Index of my book, The Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury.


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