Calvinism compared to the Bible

The Nugget:

1 Thessalonians 5:21  Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. (KJV)

1Th 5:21 but continue to prove all things until you can approve them, and then hold on to what is good. (Williams NT)

My Comment:

We must come to the Bible with our eyes and hearts wide open to receive its truth. When we actually study the Bible and learn for ourselves what it says we will often learn something new that we had not noticed before. Sometimes when we learn something new, the newly learned truth will contradict what others have taught us about the Bible. We need to be willing to change our mind, and  renew our mind, as a result of what God teaches us from His Word.

I am always ready to learn something new from God’s Word, and am willing to change my mind about what I believe the Bible teaches when I am faced with enough evidence. Are you?

There is a search icon in the upper right-hand corner of this site but apparently only I can see it. My good friend Pastor Robert Anderson asked me for help in finding the articles I have written here that answer some of the mistaken doctrines of Calvinism. Here is my answer I wrote for him today, posted here for the convenience of others who may be interested in studying this matter for themselves.

The Question:

“Mr. Smith, which link deals with Calvinism? Could not find it. Is there a search button?”

My Answer:

There is a search pane in the upper right-hand corner but only I can see it! My sons have not had the time to see if they can make it public yet.

Here are some links to pages when I simply searched for “Calvinism”:















These are the most obvious search results using the single term “Calvinism.” Page 227 is the most often visited page on my site and is one of the most thorough refutations I have written of the so-called “five points of Calvinism.” But the other pages listed above should not be neglected.

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