Daily Bible Nugget #481, Hebrews 12:14 Part 4

The Nugget:

Heb 12:14  Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

My Comment:

If the Bible declares that there is an essential requirement that must be met in order to see the Lord, then it is imperative on our part that we learn what that requirement is and how to meet it.

Holiness is that requirement. “Holiness” is a strange word to modern ears. So let me continue to “unpack” just what is involved by explaining the message of the great hymn, “Take Time to Be Holy.”

So far I have explained and applied the following clauses:

(1) Take time to be holy
(2) Speak oft with thy Lord
(3) Abide in Him always
(4) And feed on His Word
(5) Make friends with God’s children

The next clause is “Help those who are weak”:

This everyone can do, and if we all did this in accordance with whatever natural or spiritual gifts God has granted each of us individually, many problems could be solved or at least alleviated.

Christians who know their Bibles can help those who do not know this wonderful and most important book in the world get to know it. Do this by answering Bible questions others ask of you. You never know just how much spiritual fruit in the life of the person will be made possible because of the truth you share with them.

If someone asks you a question about the Bible or your faith it would seem to me that you have an intrinsic right to answer the question, whether the ACLU or the Freedom From Religion Foundation like it or not. An accurate reading and understanding of the Bill of Rights would prove that freedom of speech is not limited to political speech but includes religious speech and speech about the Bible even in the public school classroom as in Mr. Smith’s English or history classrooms! The early church transformed the Roman Empire by communicating the Gospel to others by word of mouth even in that hostile environment. Christians today need to fearlessly share their faith with others so they too can have eternal life with God starting in the here and now (1 Peter 3:15; John 5:24; Acts 16:31). This is how to help those who are weak spiritually become strong.

Help those who are weak academically to do better in school. Read good books to children at home from the time before they are born until they have finished high school and even college. Home education is possible to do in every home and is most important. There are matters of history that are not taught well if at all in public or private school. The American founding fathers are not known well today. The reasoning that inspired the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution is almost unknown today. If the underlying reasoning were known, attacks against and restrictions upon the Second Amendment would not be what they are today. Encourage children, teenagers, and young adults to read the Bible. Learn to read and understand it in the King James Version. Why? When you reach the point where you can read the King James Version of the Bible with ease your reading comprehension should be hovering at the 12th grade or better reading level. This will provide a great academic as well as spiritual boost to everyone who does this.

Help those who are elderly. Take time to listen to what they have to say and teach you. Take time to help them get to where they need to go. I spent much time with an elderly gentleman who everyone that knew him called “Uncle Frank.” I learned much from him. I took him to wherever he needed to go. On Sunday I would sometimes have him help teach my high school Sunday school class. Uncle Frank said he really appreciated that.  I enjoyed reading the Bible to some elderly residents of a rest home that I passed each day as I walked home from school where I taught. I would step up on the veranda, take a seat, and read to them from my pocket New Testament or pocket Bible. Sometimes I visited elderly “shut-ins” with my pastor and read the Bible to them. They said they loved hearing God’s Word. See if you can find opportunities to help elderly people in your circle of contacts. Become a blessing to them.

It may be possible for you to help those who are weak economically by sharing what you have with them or otherwise finding ways to assist them (1 John 3:17;  Acts 20:35).

Just imagine how much love and joy we can spread to others if all of us take time to “help those who are weak.”

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