What users say about the Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury

“This is a great, great add on. Worth every cent. Far richer than the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Cross References, which I have used for years and have often grieved how much was missing. UCRT Cross References highlight more words and make richer connections across the Scriptures. Highly recommended.” Stephen Kingsley, Craigmont, Idaho

“By far the most thorough cross reference system I’ve seen. I couldn’t be happier with this product. The Scriptures come alive as the Bible becomes its own commentary.”  Dave Roberts, Frederick, MD

…reinforces my belief that the greatest commentary of the Bible is the Bible itself. [It] has given me information and references to other verses that give profound insight on the verse I am reading. Surely, the UCRT has lived up to its name as the ultimate cross-reference. I highly recommend to all users…I’m glad and blessed I decided to purchase it.” Rudolfo Sabater, Singapore

I am thankful to the many users of my work, The Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury, for taking the time to share their delight in having and using this Bible study tool.

Yet even the most avid users are unlikely to realize all the features this tool contains.

Using this new Bible study tool you can learn:

  • the meaning of all the Bible names
  • the meaning of all the Figures of Speech
  • the meaning of every verse in the Bible from the Bible itself
  • how to ground yourself, and for pastors, how to ground your people in the Word of God
  • how to answer false doctrine
  • how to prove the inspiration of Scripture from the Scriptures
  • how to use the Bible to find answers to everyday problems
  • and much more!

If you read the Bible, you need The Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury!

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