100 Years is Enough

Unfortunately some very nefarious figures in American history made some very poor decisions 100 years ago in 1913.

The Federal Reserve (which is not Federal at all, and has no reserve!) and the Income Tax were established in 1913.

Fraudulently at that.

This evening I am writing off the “top of my head.” I noticed I had not written any new posts here during the month of June. So while I could take many hours to look up the documentation for my assertions, I will not, even though I probably have saved the information right here on my personal computer. I have been very busy studying the Bible. I am currently working on 2 Timothy chapter 3, a most vital and important chapter in the Bible. It contains the most complete discussion of the purpose of the Bible itself, stating what it is for. Among other things, this passage written by Paul tells us that the Scriptures are inspired of God, and are able to make us wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.

Of course, this utterly contradicts what the Roman Catholic Church and its apologists, including Cardinal Newman, would affirm. I searched the Internet last evening to document a quotation I have decided to use from Cardinal Newman himself. The same quotation I have–and no more–is cited repeatedly on Roman Catholic websites arguing against the idea that we must go by the Bible alone. None of the Roman Catholic websites gave any more documentation for the quotation than I already had. I searched for the text itself on Google Books, and Google let me see the page, or a snippet from the page, written by Cardinal Newman. My considered judgment is that Cardinal Newman did not know either how to read the Bible carefully or interpret it accurately. Well, that is another subject I am looking forward to delving into more completely here in a future series on “The Catholic Answer Bible Answered.” I really do not like to step on people’s toes, but sometimes it is necessary in the interests of maintaining the truth of the Bible against heresy and false cults.

But back to the first subject.

I believe there is good evidence to show that the Sixteenth Amendment which established the Income Tax in 1913 was never properly ratified. Therefore, the IRS and the Income Tax are technically frauds imposed upon a sleeping and gullible public, both in 1913 and now in 2013.

The Sixteenth Amendment was never properly ratified because when the individual states ratified the 16th Amendment they modified the wording of the amendment they passed. That is not legal or permissible.

I saved the file from the website of a gentleman who visited every state to verify the documentation for each state’s passage and approval of the 16th amendment. He gives the precise information and where he got it from, and demonstrates that the Sixteenth Amendment was never properly ratified.

I believe it is time to both shut down and totally eliminate the IRS and our Federal Income Tax.

The IRS has lost any reason for credibility. They knowingly violated the law. The IRS has no business whatsoever delving into the content of prayers offered or said by Christians involved in Christian groups which applied for tax-exempt status. The IRS has been telling lies about this whole affair–active suppression of the conservative vote in 2012 to avoid a defeat of President Obama.

There are several groups that have sent me emails in the past week or two asking my signature on petitions to abolish the IRS. I think I managed to sign all of them.

I especially recommend signing the petition at www.aclj.org where J. Sekulow is preparing to sue the IRS in behalf of I think more than a dozen groups, maybe twice that, who were adversely affected by the stalling of the IRS in processing their applications for tax-exempt status, and who were inappropriately asked for information the IRS has no possible legal justification for requiring to be answered.

It is time to put a full stop to the over-reach of our Federal Government. This is the time to do it when so many serious failings have come to light and people are at last dimly aware of what is going on that violates their constitutional rights.

So, I urge you to visit www.aclj.org (American Center for Law and Justice) and let your voice be heard by signing the petition.

And let this be a Civics Lesson we all take to heart.

Next time we have a chance to vote for at least the lesser of two evils, be sure to do so, or we will not have a nation left to fix. If every Christian had voted properly according to the values taught in the Bible this last election, the outcome would surely have been different. We might still have been in a mess, but not as bad as the mess we are now in.

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4 Responses to 100 Years is Enough

  1. ken sagely says:

    hello jerry you make some good points about the problems we have in goverment is running the country and the answers in the bible . eph 2.12 says that at that time ye were without christ,being aliens from the commonwealth of israel,and strangers from the covenants of promise,having no hope, and without god in the world. no hope and with out god in this world pretty powerful statements from gods word about where our world and country really are. the spirtiual needs are tremendous! eph 2.13 but now in christ jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of christ. what a great promise! made nigh by the blood of christ. salvation offered to men as a gift. eph 2.8-9 it is a gift from god to all who believe. when i look at the problems in this country as believer in the lord jesus christ. it helps me remember what the psalmist said in psm 118.8 “it is better to trust in the lord than put your confidence in man”.

  2. David says:

    Why is Calvinism–Doctrines of Grace or Doctrines of Demons locked…..

  3. David says:

    I went there to respond and you locked it on me without a word…

  4. Jerry says:

    Dear Dave,

    I suspect there is a quirk in the software that runs this site. Your posts should now automatically post when you write them; if they don’t appear immediately, they get placed on an internal administrative thread on this site to await my approval. I do not know what happened to your original post that you attempted to submit. I hope you saved a copy and can re-post it. You can be sure there was nothing I did at this end to hinder your posting. I have been enjoying our discussion and your input.

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