Daily Bible Nugget #784, Psalm 94:14

The Nugget:

Psalm 94:14  For the LORD will not cast off his people, neither will he forsake his inheritance. (KJV)

Psa 94:14 Certainly the LORD does not forsake his people;
he does not abandon the nation that belongs to him. (NET Bible)

Psa 94:14 For Jehovah will not cast off his people, neither will he forsake his inheritance; (Darby translation)

My Comment:

Contrary to the belief of many Christians and their pastors and seminary professors today, God has not and will not cast off His people Israel. You can argue all you please. This is the plain teaching of Scripture, both Old and New Testament. God has not transferred the promises He has given Israel under the Abrahamic and Davidic Covenants to anyone else, not even the New Testament Church. It is about time that Christians opened their Bibles and did some Real Bible Study!

I discovered that I briefly discussed Psalm 94:14 in a comment I wrote in the extensive discussion that follows my post of May 7, 2011. Very few people will ever read that post and the long series of comments which followed, so I reproduce my comment here:

God has not at all given up on His People, the descendants of Abraham, the Jewish people. The Abrahamic Covenant and the Davidic Covenant have not been cancelled.

The absolute evidence for that? God Himself states that the evidence that He has not cancelled His sworn Covenant to Abraham and David is that day still follows night. Until they don’t do so, His Covenants are still in force.

To help you study this issue from the Bible itself, here are the cross references I have provided in The Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury for Psalm 94:14,

Psalms 94:14
For. Psa 36:10; Psa 37:28, *1Sa 12:22, Isa 49:14, 15, Jer 32:39, 40, %Luk 12:46, **Joh 10:27, 28, 29, 30, 31, *Rom 8:30; *Rom 8:38; *Rom 8:39; +**Rom 11:1; +**>Rom 11:2, +*Heb 13:5.

not cast off. Psa 43:2; *Psa 89:28; *Psa 89:33; *Psa 89:37; +**Psa 132:11, **+Lev 26:44, +*1Sa 12:22, +**2Sa 7:15, Job 8:20, +**Isa 41:9; +**Isa 41:17; Isa 42:16; +**Isa 55:3, +*Jer 4:27; **Jer 31:37; +**Jer 33:24, 25, 26, *Lam 3:31, +**Rom 11:1.

his people. +**Deut 32:43.

neither will he forsake. Psa 94:5, Psa 33:12; Psa 36:10; +*Psa 37:25, Deut 32:9, +*1Sa 12:22, Job 8:20, Isa 41:17; *Isa 42:16; +*Isa 60:10, +*Jer 4:27; Jer 10:16; *Jer 51:5, **Zec 10:6, +*Mal 3:6, Eph 1:18, +*Heb 13:5.

his inheritance. Psa 94:5, Psa 2:8; Psa 28:9; Psa 33:12, Exo 15:17; Exo 34:9, Lev 25:23, Deut 4:20; Deut 9:26; Deut 9:29; +*Deut 32:9; +*Deut 32:43, 1Sa 10:1; 1Sa 26:19, 2Sa 20:19; 2Sa 21:3, 1Ki 8:51; 1Ki 8:53, 2Ki 21:14, **Isa 19:25; Isa 63:17; Isa 65:9, Jer 10:16, +*Dan 7:14, Zec 2:12, +**Luk 1:32; +**Luk 1:33, *Rom 8:17, Eph 1:18, +*Col 3:24, Heb 1:2, +*Rev 11:15.

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