I just received my copy of The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


My copy of The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge arrived yesterday afternoon.

I was surprised and impressed by the size of the book!

I had to adjust the books on the shelf nearest to where I do my reading to accommodate this large volume.

I plan to begin using it myself this evening.

Now more Bible readers need to read the back cover text and take steps to dig into God’s Word to promote and facilitate spiritual growth!

From the back cover:

An exhaustive cross-referencing tool for interpreting Scripture with Scripture

The Bible is its own best commentary. To truly understand what the Bible teaches about a subject, we must consult all of what the Bible itself says about it. The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge allows you to do just that.

Unlike a concordance, which is an alphabetical index to the words of the Bible, the cross-references given in The New Treasury are not merely to the same word, but to the same or related thoughts, themes, doctrines, subjects, concepts, figures of speech, or literary motifs, even those expressed in entirely different words.

Special Features:

  • Indicates degree of clarity, significance, or relationship between references
  • Can be used with any translation of the Bible
  • Arranged like a Bible for ease of use
  • Provides a far more complete selection of cross-references than any other source
  • Contains special study aids to help develop powerful lessons or sermons–straight from the Bible
  • Includes multiple indexes (subjects, figures of speech, etc.)
  • Uses Strong’s numbering system
  • Uses a new font that makes it easier to read than previous editions

No combination of other Bible-study tools quite duplicates the content in The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. When used effectively, this invaluable resource will change your life.

“The one book, aside from the Bible itself, that I value most in my studies.”–John MacArthur

“A boundless resource for study and lesson/sermon preparation.”–Jack W. Hayford

Jerome H. Smith, a graduate of Bob Jones University, is passionate about teaching believers to use Scripture to interpret Scripture. He is also the editor of Nelson’s Cross Reference Guide to the Bible (2007).

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5 Responses to I just received my copy of The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

  1. Scott Cheatham says:

    Great to see your work in print again along with the great tool you have provided in eSword!

  2. Jerry says:

    Thank you, Scott Cheatham!

    I believe that having my book once again in hard copy will encourage anyone who uses it to grow spiritually.

    I notice in various news sources that there is a revival beginning at Asbury College. I wish those young people could learn about how to get grounded in Scripture by learning to use the New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.

    Over many years of using this resource myself, I have found it works well for devotional reading of the Bible. It works for deeper study of the Bible as well.

    Some years ago I came across the following quotation about revival in the Daily Bread magazine:

    “No revival is more to be desired than that of systematic, personal Bible study!”

    I included this quotation in a note at 2 Kings 22:13.

    Many years ago I collected a shelf of volumes about revival. They make for interesting reading and study.

    I think long lasting revival depends upon proper efforts to “make disciples of all nations” like Jesus commanded. It may be that discipleship is little understood and little practiced in many churches today. If it were, the wrongheaded direction of this society would be corrected.

  3. Vitor Matheus da Silva Freitas says:

    Hi, brother Jerry. May I ask you a question? I need to know if the NTSK release some days ago has the same material, number of cross-references of The Ultimate Cross-Reference Treasury? Thank you so much!

  4. Jerry says:

    Dear Vitor,

    The newly released New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge does not have as many cross references or notes as my digital e-Sword premium commentary module The Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury.

    The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge is a printed hard cover book that is 8 1/2 by 11 inches in size, and 2 inches thick. Some have estimated it contains more than 500,000 cross references.

    The Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury has far more cross references–over 900,000!

    The new printing of New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge features a new Forward by John MacArthur.

    I spent many weeks last year entering hundreds of corrections of various kinds that I found in the years of my using the NTSK in my own Bible study since the book was printed in 1992. The NTSK went out of print in 1999. In its now improved edition it is available again as a printed book.

    I also improved and corrected the indexes. I like that the Topic Number Index is now available. It was left out of the digital version of the NTSK. This index is available in the UCRT, but seeing the layout of the Topic Number Index in the printed book makes it far more accessible. One missionary (Vijay Chandra, who ministered in the Fiji Islands, whose articles are featured on this site) told me when he first saw it that one could teach or preach from the indexes for many years and not run out of material.

    The new edition of the New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge was to feature a much corrected and expanded Figure of Speech Index. Perhaps due to an unforeseen publisher error, the wrong file for this index was used when the book was printed. The correct file will be used for subsequent printings. Customer Service at Nelson/Harper Collins Publishers has already made a fully corrected copy of the Figure of Speech Index available as a PDF for anyone who requests it. Most ordinary users may not find this a problem since most users make little use of that index. The corrected text within the NTSK is still there and will make the use of the extensive improvements in the Figures of Speech fully available for Bible study.

  5. Vitor Matheus da Silva Freitas says:

    Thank you so much for your answer. God bless you!

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