Why my Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury may seem so controversial

Some users may have missed the fact that my Bible study resource, The Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury (UCRT) is not generic! I have placed solid evidence for each side of a controversial position.

One user complained that I have denied the explicit teaching of Jesus and His apostles regarding the necessity of baptism.

To that I responded today:

The note at Matthew 28:19, key words baptizing them, contains a lengthy and thorough note derived from Hibbard on the continuing necessity of water baptism.

I do not recall any material in the UCRT that denies the necessity of water baptism in obedience to the continuing command of Christ.

For those who favor the mode of immersion I have presented the strongest arguments I could find, after much research, at Romans 6:4, key word bury, the most likely text anyone who holds this view would turn to first in its support.

I developed the Topic Number Index (the first 750 topics) from Charles Simmons, A Scripture Manual. Alphabetically and systematically arranged, designed to facilitate the finding of proof texts. New York: Dodd, Brick Church Chapel, 1850. 528 pages. On page 45 Simmons gives as Topic 39, Mode of baptism, the (1) Passages referred to by those who immerse; and (2) Passages referred to by those who sprinkle or pour. That is the starting resource from which I developed more cross references and notes on the themes related to the mode of Christian baptism.

As I have stated in introductory materials, I have given more notes and references on some minority views when such information is often harder to come by in currently published resources.

I trust this will help any user of The Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury to more clearly see the purpose and value of including materials on each side of significant or controversial issues.


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One Response to Why my Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury may seem so controversial

  1. ken sagely says:

    jerry again excellent passages baptism particularly there is a spiritual baptism that happens to all believers the moment we believe Lord Jesus Christ Romans 6.4
    Baptized into His death, burial and resurrection. a signicant part of our salvation
    several verses you bring out Jerry really help ful.

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