Another Muslim Challenge re Fig Tree Cursed by Jesus

8-17-22 Another Muslim Challenge re Fig Tree Cursed by Jesus

The Muslim Challenge:

“Christ the God
one who does not know when the fig tree blooms, how can he be a God leave alone being God he cannot even be a good human itself. Mark 11:13.

Though it was his own mistake, yet he cursed the tree.

This is the God of Christians.”

My Response:

Thank you for sharing the correct Bible reference to Mark 11:13 in your post.

Mar 11:13  And seeing a fig tree afar off having leaves, he came, if haply he might find any thing thereon: and when he came to it, he found nothing but leaves; for the time of figs was not yet.

Here is my commentary on that verse as given in The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge and my expansion of that work, The Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury:

Mark 11:13

seeing. Mat 21:19, *Luk 13:6, 7, 8, 9.

a fig tree. Note: The fig tree, sukea, is a genus of the polygamia triaecia class of plants, seldom rising above twelve feet, but sending off from the bottom many spreading branches. The leaves are of a dark green color, nearly a span long, smooth, and irregularly divided into from three to five deep rounded lobes; and the fruit grows on short and thick stalks, of a purplish color, and contains a soft, sweet, and fragrant pulp, intermixed with numerous small seeds. +Gen 3:7, Luk 13:6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

having leaves. Summer was not near (CB). Mar 13:28, Gen 3:7, %Psa 1:2; %Psa 1:3, Isa 1:30, Eze 17:9, Luk 13:6.

he came. Song 6:11, Isa 5:2, Mic 7:1.

if. FS184A, +1Co 15:2, Mar 8:5, Joh 11:34.

haply. Rth 2:3, 1Sa 6:9, Luk 10:31; Luk 12:6, 7.

might find. Joh 15:8.

he found nothing. Isa 5:7.

for. Note: Dr. Campbell observes, that the declaration, “for the time of (ripe, Ed.) figs was not yet,” is not the reason why our Lord did not find any fruit on the tree, because the fig is of that class of vegetables in which the fruit is formed in its immature state before the leaves are seen. But as the fruit is of a pulpy nature, the broad, thick leaves come out in profusion to protect it from the rays of the sun during the time it is ripening. If the words, “for the time,” etc. however, are read as a parenthesis, they then become a reason why Jesus Christ should look for fruit, because the season for gathering not having fully come, it would remove all suspicion that the fruit had been gathered: while the presence of the leaves incontestably proved the advance of the tree to the state in which fruit is found. Isa 28:4 note.

the time. It was not the season. Mar 1:20 note. Mar 13:28, Luk 19:44.

was not yet. FS63K, +Gen 37:13, The Passover did not occur at the proper fig-season; but figs remained on the trees (dried) right through the winter. These, which could generally be found were called pag. The name is preserved in the word Bethphage (house of figs). At the time of the Passover, such figs might well have been looked for. The Lord went to see “if consequently he might find anything thereon.” It was “if consequently,” because “it was not the proper season of figs” (suka: not olunthoi, as the others were called, and for which He sought). We must also remember that in the East all fruit trees were enclosed in gardens, and had an owner. This tree, though, by the roadside (Mat 21:19) must have been enclosed, and as it grew over the wall, passers by might partake of the fruit (Deut 23:24). But the owner had probably shaken the fruit off, or gathered it himself, and hence deserved the judgment which came upon him (see Lev 19:9, 10; Lev 23:22, Deut 24:19, 20, 21). This is one of the two miracles of destruction wrought by Jesus: and we know that in the other case the owners of the swine were justly punished (F/S 124).

My Comment:

It is helpful to learn and know the setting and cultural background of the Bible before you mistakenly charge it with error!

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