More Nonsense in Current News–Propaganda at Work

Here are some headlines from my “News Feed” that I saw just now with links and my comment on the headline in some cases:

TITLE: Kabul airport explosions hit crowds amid evacuations, The Wall Street Journal


MY COMMENT: While not strictly propaganda, this situation reflects the incompetent political and moral leadership of the present administration in Washington.


TITLE: 100,000 more COVID deaths seen unless US changes its ways, Associated Press


MY COMMENT: I have serious reservations about any news in the mainstream media about COVID and related matters. The news is agenda driven, not fact-based science-driven. It was announced not long ago in the mainstream news that the PCR test now being used to detect cases of COVID is utterly unreliable and invalid. It was reported that the use of the PCR test would be discontinued as of December 31, 2021. Therefore, all reports of PCR-related test results are invalid. No new substitute test has been announced as far as I have yet read. It is even possible that the news we see and hear is one-sided, designed to instill fear, for the benefit of companies that make vaccines and the medical industry at large. But being one-sided is the very definition of it being propaganda, not science.

TITLE: Capital Police officers sue Trump and allies over election lies and January 6, The New York Times


MY COMMENT: I notice once again that the mainstream media is still working to defame and denigrate former President Trump. It is also working hard to defend the patriotic and peaceful rally of January 6, 2021. It is also denying the evidence of election fraud on the night of November 3, 2020. The mainstream media dutifully and truthfully reported that the FBI admitted in a statement in the past week or so, best I recall as to time, that after careful and thorough investigation it had found no evidence at all of any sinister plot by the patriots who gathered in Washington on January 6 to disrupt the government or engage in any illegal activity. I would suggest, however, that the FBI has apparently not released the over 400 individuals they found who attended the rally that have been jailed without charges or hearings. Now as for “election lies,” I watched the election returns carefully on the night of November 3, 2020 until about 10:30 pm eastern daylight savings time. At that time President Trump was clearly far ahead of candidate Joe Biden. We all know that in the next days the totals changed to favor candidate Biden. But the evidence I have carefully read and watched indicates that there were many coordinated election irregularities across six or seven states–I say coordinated, because counting was  allegedly stopped at the very same time in all seven states, to be resumed the following day. Most of us know the rest of the story, so I won’t repeat it here. I believe the ultimate outcome was fraudulently and nefariously rigged in candidate Biden’s favor.

TITLE: Trump’s ex-national security advisor John Bolton says it’s ‘impossible’ for Mike Pompeo to ‘rewrite history’ on his negotiations with the Taliban, Business Insider


MY COMMENT: This article by its headline seems to be another attempt to make President Trump look bad. I would caution anyone reading political news from the Business Insider that I have frequently noticed its articles are quite biased in favor of the Left. If you check more deeply into John Bolton you will learn that he has quite an axe to grind against President Trump. When news is persistently presented all one way that is a sign that it is propaganda.

TITLE: The 1/6 Committee request for records is ‘going to drive Trump crazy’–NBC NEWS Trump family, senior aides target of demands by Jan 6 committee By Adam Edeman, MSNBC


MY COMMENT:  This is like trying to “beat a dead horse” in the light of the recent FBI report that it found no evidence that those patriots who gathered at the Capital on January 6 had any coordinated intent to do anything illegal. What I saw reported (and watched in part as it happened) was that the rally was infiltrated by BLM and Antifa disguised as Trump supporters who attempted (and partially succeeded) to act in a manner that would defame the genuine Trump supporters at the rally.

TITLE: Election denier’s contorted legal defense, CNN.


MY COMMENT: The title is over the background of Attorney Sidney Powell. I clicked on the link myself this time and it took me to a “hit piece” against Sidney Powel and Rudy Giuliani. Having followed the work of Sidney Powell (who successfully represented General Flynn) and whose book, Licensed to Lie, I am in the process of reading, I suspect there must be more to this story than what is presented in the three-minute and twelve-second video clip here. Therefore I class this piece as yet one more instance of propaganda.

TITLE: ‘I Have No Idea’: Brother of Devin Nunes Reportedly Stumped as to How Pro-Trump Republican’s Family is Funding Their Lawsuit, Law & Crime, Adam Klasfeld.


MY COMMENT: Skimming the article itself, I find that it is sourced in some part to Business Insider. Apparently there is a way to un-redact released court filings, etc. The complaint seems to be that some think the Nunes’s farm family is over-litigious against what I call the mainstream media and that the family has paid little money in legal expenses to the attorneys serving them. Interestingly, Representative Nunes testified: “[A]nd now my policy is, and I have a new policy, that if you defame or slander me, I take you to court,'” the legal brief states. I believe Congressman Nunes has done a marvelous job of exposing the wrongdoing going on in Congress, and that is why he is a target of this negative propaganda.

TITLE: Maddow Blog. Judge sanctions group of pro-Trump attorneys in dramatic fashion, MSNBC


MY COMMENT: Once again, Sidney Powell graces the picture behind the headline. Knowing her sterling character, I would reserve judgment when it comes to believing anything the mainstream media have to say about her. I also do not trust the judgment of judges, many of whom are clearly  politically biased, and seem not to fairly evaluate the evidence Sidney Powell and others have attempted to bring before the court.

TITLE: House probe focuses on Trump’s mental health and martial law, The Hill


MY COMMENT: I do not mean to be disrespectful to our current resident of the White House. But from what I have seen, heard, and read, it may be much more appropriate to focus on his mental health. I suspect he really is not fully capable of fulfilling the office he now holds. I wonder who is really pulling the strings. The title alone falls in line with all the other titles I have cited as propaganda for its obvious one-sidedness.

TITLE: READ: Judge Refers ‘Kraken’ Lawyers For Potential ‘Disbarment’ In Scathing Opinion Over Big Lie, Talking Points Memo.


MY COMMMENT: Here we go again! Attorney Sidney Powell is getting more than her share of negative publicity today in my “News Feed”! I wonder if all this negative emphasis is to distract readers and viewers from what is really going on? I wonder if the Arizona Audit will produce definitive forensic proof of tampering with the election of November 3, 2020? Maybe this is an effort to get readers and viewers to look the other way regarding the current fiasco in Afghanistan? The judge may have written a “Scathing Opinion,” but it looks to me that he just might be covering up the real Big Lie. Once again, I class this persistent one-sidedness in the media as propaganda.

TITLE: Arizona Democrats are trying to stop ‘audit’ firm Cyber Ninjas from getting any more taxpayer dollars, Business Insider


MY COMMENT: “Speak of the Devil!” I had no idea that this next article would have reference to the Arizona Audit and the efforts of Democrats to discredit and even stop the audit process in Arizona. But here it came as the very next article in my News Feed today. I just have this to say to anyone who opposes the auditing process taking place: If you know and claim that the November 3, 2020 election was conducted fairly, you would be most EAGER to promote the forensic audit because it would only prove, once and for all, that you are correct. But when you obfuscate, interfere, and otherwise attempt to misrepresent the process you surely prove that you know that the counting of the election ballots on election night and subsequent days was rigged in favor of Biden. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Once again, evidence here of propaganda.

TITLE: Judge rules that Sidney Powell and Lin Wood engaged in ‘historic and profound abuse’ of legal system, approves punishment, Business Insider


MY COMMENT: Once again, Sidney Powell is prominently in the news in a negative light. I trust that time will prove that she and the other attorneys condemned by this judge will be proved to have been in the right. I suspect that some of our judges are not well taught in Constitutional Law. That is not my field of expertise, but in my reading of the Constitution, Constitutional election law was clearly violated on several fronts. Once again, I have nowhere read in my News Feed today of any dissenting opinion with regard to these items of current news. Therefore, while the events may be factual, the one-sidedness demonstrates this is propaganda.

TITLE: Controversial Texas voting law expected to advance with return of Dems. CBS News.


MY COMMENT: As I recall, we all must show official ID when we open a bank account. In order to drive a car, we must have a driver’s license. There are many occasions that require us to have official ID. Voting should not be an exception! Don’t tell me that anyone who legally has the right to vote finds it too hard to produce valid ID to do so. Nonsense in the News indeed, and more propaganda. There is no reason for the Texas voting law to be controversial unless you are among those who plan to cheat in future elections.

TITLE: Rep. Mike Doyle tests positive for COVID despite being fully vaccinated. Fox News.


MY COMMENT: This article may or may not be propaganda, but it highlights a major  problem in the current vaccine narrative. The problem is that the so-called “vaccine” is not a vaccine and it offers no protection against future COVID infections. I cannot imagine how current tests are being conducted. If test results are based upon the PCR test, such results are utterly invalid. It is no longer to be used after December 31, 2021. Don’t fall for the media and government narrative. They seem to admit the error but then go right on and push the propaganda.

These are all articles present in my news feed today. That this is propaganda ought to be obvious to anyone who knows how to recognize propaganda. It ought to be obvious to anyone who has carefully consulted experts on these subjects from alternative, that is, non-mainstream media sources.

Jesus warned us not to be deceived (Matthew 24:4. Luke 21:8). Jesus told us how to do that: take heed what ye hear (Mark 4:24) as well as how ye hear (Luke 8:18).


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