Christian Evidences versus Evolution

from Irwin H. Linton, A Lawyer Examines the Bible:

One of the fundamental and blessed facts about the Christian religion is that it is a (and the only) fact based religion.

Our Christian faith rests on definite, historical facts and events—facts and events of such nature that if they really took place, the religion is true, and established by so direct, so strong and so great a variety of independent and converging proofs that it has been said again and again by great lawyers that they cannot but be regarded as proved under the strictest rules of evidence  used in the highest American and English courts.

It may safely be believed of all infidel [unbelieving] lawyers [and anyone else] that no one of them has ever made a careful, lawyer-like, two-sided investigation of the  claims of the “Bible and its Christ,” studying and digesting any of the great “briefs” or works on the “Christian Evidences” which gather together and sum up the proofs in support of the Lord Jesus Christ to deity and of the Bible to divine inspiration. I have never found one, and I have hunted for twenty-five years. (page 16, bold emphasis added).

In the last twenty years I have more than once, with no result, challenged large audiences to produce any man [or woman], lawyer or layman, who was an unbeliever who had ever read even one of the old classics on the Christian Evidences.

I have sometimes followed this inquiry for an instructed unbeliever by the statement that “if you do not believe the Bible, I know what you do believe. You believe in evolution.”

I have asked if there were present a man or woman who believed in this theory who had ever read a single one of the scholarly works against it—still without ever finding one such man or woman. (page 17, bold emphasis added)

Concept of the Literature of Knowledge versus the Literature of Power:

Science fits the Literature of Knowledge category because it can go out of date and must be revised or updated. The Bible and Shakespeare fit the Literature of Power because once written, such literature does not need to be updated and does not go out of date in terms of its content.


Why is there something rather than nothing at all?

Necessary Being versus Contingent Being:

Necessary Being is unchanging and eternal, without beginning (Thus, “Who created God?” is a question that is non-sensical and not relevant. This avoids the eternal regression fallacy.)

Contingent Beings have a beginning in time and are subject to change. Anything that can change for the better or worse is included in the class of contingent being.

Evolution (macro evolution) is based on the laws of chance.

The laws of chance stipulate that if there are only two options, like heads or tails, half of the results over repeated trials will be heads, and half will be tails.

There is a phenomenon in biology called chirality. Chirality is the label given to the interesting finding that living cells can be right-handed or left-handed. When studied (or synthesized) in the laboratory, cells will sort into an equal number of right handed and left handed examples.

But in nature, living cells are found, with only three exceptions, to be all left handed. Thus living matter does not follow what the laws of chance would seem to predict. That is evidence of design or purpose in the basic building blocks of nature, living cells.

Thus, the naturalistic premise of macro-evolution that life arose by chance is violated, and design and purpose is established.

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