Education does not need to stop when schools close!

Concern about the corona virus (Covid-19) has prompted panic buying of toilet paper and the closing of schools.

When I taught public school in Detroit, Michigan, there was often a shortage of toilet paper in the student lavatories. Part of that shortage was the result of student waste and malicious destruction of resources.

But now, with schools closing, students and parents may wish to continue student learning by means of home education or even home schooling.

There are many resources available to accomplish this:

(1) Books already in your home

Most homes have a Bible. Make time every day to read the New Testament. Recent research has found that if you read the Bible enough, it will make a difference in your life. The definition of “enough” has been found to be reading the Bible four or more days a week. Now that students have more time, this is a good opportunity to use this resource that will always change lives for the better.

(2) Textbooks that can be read ahead at home.

(3) Books borrowed from the library.

(4) Books newly purchased from the nearest Barnes and Noble bookstore and other retail outlets where books are sold.

(5) The Language Enrichment Program which I have written, now available from Amazon. Just search carefully by title under “books” on the Amazon website. In my experience, students who use my self-instructional program improve their reading comprehension by two or more grade levels in a very short time. My book can be used by students of all ages, from age 8 to adult, with great benefit. My students who used my book improved their academic motivation, reading comprehension, reading speed, and strengthened academic performance in all subjects.

If you, or any parents you know, have concerns about a student meeting the reading requirements to advance to the fourth grade, be sure to make use of my Language Enrichment Program. In my experience, about 80% of the students who used it far surpassed their reading achievement goals by doing so.

I believe that churches and Sunday school classes or departments could be of real service to their students or students in their community by helping them academically by using the Language Enrichment Program.

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3 Responses to Education does not need to stop when schools close!

  1. Scott Cheatham says:

    Good ideas Sir! I’ve told my students that now will be a good time to catch up on the Bible reading that we have missed so we have great stories to share in April!

  2. Jerry says:

    I’m glad you saw this, Pastor Cheatham. I’ve had good results with my reading program. Others have too. But I have had very few people buy the program on Amazon.

    I’m not into advertising, so that may be the reason. When I read of the struggles many have with reading across our country at all educational levels, I think to myself that they would get much help from my book. One reason it produces such good results is that it develops inference skills, something many readers are lacking.

    And that factors in to how well we read our Bibles!

  3. Jerry says:

    Glad you saw this, Pastor Cheatham!

    I have had good success with students of all grades and ages, but very few people have bought my program.

    I am not much into advertising. “Word of mouth” advertising should lead to more people finding out about it, but so far this has not worked.

    My reading program works well to raise inference skills. I think that is part of its great success.

    Even reading the Bible requires good inference skills!

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