Michigan’s Bad Reputation Part 5

Here is my first letter to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder on the DNR feral pig issue, a letter that went unanswered and unacknowledged. I did get a “boiler plate” response immediately to my second letter, but no actual action.

DATE: April 1, 2012

Dear Governor Snyder:

Your Department of Natural Resources has overstepped its legal authority and is entirely out of bounds.

Please RESCIND the order they have issued respecting so-called “feral pigs” being illegal to own as of today, April 1, 2012.

The DNR’s order and declaration is both nonsensical and ludicrous. The people at the DNR do not understand the English language. Don’t even try to criticize or object to my statement: I have a triple academic major in English and have served as an editor for professional scholarly works for many years.

By definition, a feral animal of whatever species cannot be on a farm where it is being raised as a business venture. That makes it domesticated.

Furthermore, since when has any governmental department the authority to extend a law meant for the protection of our Great Lakes from invasive species brought into the Great Lakes by ocean-going vessels to twist the law to apply to raising land animals on a private farm?

I just listened to and carefully watched Mr. Mark Baker’s testimony on this problem to the Michigan Senate Agriculture Committee that directly affects him and 2009 other private farmers in Michigan.

You ought to watch it too at this link: http://www.bakersgreenacres.com/

Mark testified that the ISO and Declaratory Ruling are an overreach on the DNR’s part.

I am well aware that the DNR sent a letter disclaiming that their Declaratory Ruling would apply to him. I heard the letter. It is poorly written, and not specific enough to stand in a court of law to indicate that the DNR will not pursue this issue further.

The DNR Declaratory Ruling cannot just be changed. It MUST be REPEALED.

The DNR refuses to be responsive to the citizens of Michigan. It is not accountable to the citizens of Michigan.

Neither the DNR nor any other government agency, state or federal, has any right or business violating the 4th Amendment (as will be the case clearly if the DNR carries out its threats) or any other portion of the Bill of Rights.

You, Governor Snyder, are the only one who can remedy this great injustice.


Sincerely yours,

Jerome Smith

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