Reviewing my Reviewers!

There are nearly 100 five-star reviews on the website for  my book, The Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury.

There are three reviews that I think it would be helpful for me  to comment on that either raise a question or exhibit a misunderstanding:

Great reference – saves me time (9/6/2016)

Reviewed by (Pastor Tim Deaton, Bonita Springs, FL) – The Ultimate Cross-Reference Treasury, for e-Sword

PROS: Seems very thorough. Fast – like the other e-sword products References to other products (e.g. Strong’s) is appreciated. Had the references NOT been keyed, they would be worth little; however, keying them so that the user can immediately see the cross reference makes it a valuable resource. I now start my e-sword with the UCRT as my default CONS: None found yet (have used 2-3 weeks) Suggested improvements: allow me to annotate within rather than using the notes utility. Allow the user to send suggested annotations to the author for future releases.

My Comment:

I have tried to find Pastor Tim Deaton on the Internet but have been unsuccessful. If any of you know him, let him know he can find me here!

I would like a feature like he suggests, but I, too, have been restricted in e-Sword to the notes utility. But at least that works when needed.

Good, but bias. (7/27/2019)

Reviewed by (Curtis Greenwood, Sydney, NS, Ca) – The Ultimate Cross-Reference Treasury, for e-Sword

This is a good and helpful resource. Nicely laid out, well structured, easy to follow, and much more expansive than the TSK. The one flaw is that the comments tend to be biased toward dispensational pretribulationalism, which is unexpected for this kind of resource.

My Comment:

I have stated in the Preface that my book is not generic. I try to present the best evidence from the Bible when I must touch upon controversial topics. I try to present valid alternative views fairly with the best evidence available to me in their support.

I have come down firmly on the side of the Premillennial position, especially the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, because the evidence I have marshaled from Scripture itself demonstrates this is the correct position.

I have thoroughly studied and thoroughly referenced George N. H. Peters’ scholarly three-volume work, The Theocratic Kingdom. He has proven, beyond any possible reasonable doubt, that the Premillennial position is the correct view. This view holds that our Lord Jesus Christ returns to this earth BEFORE the Millennium.

What most readers may fail to notice is that I restored notes in the book of Revelation that were originally presented in Bagster’s Comprehensive Bible where the editors of the original Treasury of Scripture Knowledge left them out. These notes support an entirely different view of Bible prophecy. Furthermore, the sources Thomas Scott used for the cross references were from scholars who held the Amillennial viewpoint. So in actuality, there is a hidden balance behind what is presented in the Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury after all.

Theological Cross Reference (7/27/2019)

Reviewed by (Derrick Folen, Teaneck, New Jersey) – The Ultimate Cross-Reference Treasury, for e-Sword

This is by far the most cross references any other book has!. But it still lacks a more complete theological cross reference to add onto it. For example: When we read Genesis 1:3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. the book list all possible cross references, except one that has to do with The Light of the world, Jesus Christ: In him was life; and the life was the light of men (Jn 1:4 KJV). It will be a plus to have also the reciprocal cross-reference. The book needs to be perfected in order to be The Ultimate Cross-Reference Treasure. Thank You!…and God bless!.

My Comment:

There are theological cross references of the kind Derrick Folen requests. But in this case, he is right. I did not include John 1:4. But I did include John 1:5 and more references in John to this theme in the cross references given for Genesis 1:3.

light. Job 36:30; Job 38:19, Psa 74:16; *Psa 97:11; Psa 104:2; Psa 118:27; +*Psa 119:130, *Isa 45:7; Isa 60:19, *Joh 1:5; *Joh 1:9; Joh 3:19; Joh 9:5, Act 9:3, *2Co 4:6, Eph 5:8; Eph 5:14, Col 1:12, 1Ti 6:16, 1Pe 1:23, 24, 25, *1Jn 1:5; 1Jn 2:8.

Derrick Folen comments, “It will be a plus to have also the reciprocal cross-references.”

Actually, I spent much time and effort to include the reciprocal cross references in the Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury. These are fully given for Isaiah through Malachi for the Old Testament, and for all of the New Testament. I selectively gave the reciprocal cross references from Genesis through The Song of Solomon. I always gave them for the verses included in the “Key Verse Comparison Chart” included in the Thomas Nelson edition of the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance (1984), as well as many more. For the Sermon on the Mount and many other passages I used my Logos Bible Software to do a complete search for “reciprocal references” based on my book, The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, which has never been done before. I say in the Preface, and have thought all along, that life is too short for one person to assemble this large of a collection of Bible cross-references. But I am thankful to have had the opportunity to do what I have done.

Fantastic Tool (9/6/2016)

Reviewed by (Ron Rhodes, Frisco, Texas) – The Ultimate Cross-Reference Treasury, for e-Sword

My name is Ron Rhodes, and I’m the author of over 70 Christian books. This tool is FANTASTIC. It is highly highly recommended. A++

My Comment:

Thank you, Ron Rhodes, for submitting what is apparently the very first five-star review for my Bible study resource, The Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury.


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  1. “Pastor” Tim Deaton is a pastor only in his imagination. He is a non-accomplished liar and probably delusional

  2. Jerry says:

    I have no way of knowing whether your assertions about Pastor Tim Deaton are true. But I would appreciate any information you could share that would help me be in contact with him. So far, I have been unable to find him.

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