Today is Literacy Day

The Nugget:

1Ti 4:13  Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine. 

My Comment:

Literacy, both here in America and around the world, is a very important subject.

The ability to read well is essential to learning. The ability to write is critical to communication.

Reading is a skill that improves with practice. The best way to practice reading is to spend quality time actually reading books.

Parents of school-age children and young people need to encourage reading at home. Reading for pleasure is something all children and students should experience.

Even before children are old enough to attend school, parents can help the future personal and academic success of children by spending regular quality time reading to them.

Reading non-fiction informational books is especially important. Make use of the public library if you have access to such a marvelous place. Choose books that are of interest to your child or student. Read more than one book on the subject. Read the easiest book or books you can find first. Then read a book written for young adult readers on the same non-fiction subject. Finally, read a book written for adults. Your child will be able to understand the more complex adult-level book if your child has encountered the easier books first. Let your student become an “expert” on several different subjects of interest by following this “reading ladder” procedure.

The Apostle Paul encouraged Timothy to “give attendance to reading.” In that day, when copies of the Bible were too scarce and expensive for everyone to own one, the Bible was read publicly to the congregation. Paul urged Timothy to take special care to continue that practice. Now, when we can all own our own Bible, we ought to follow Paul’s advice to Timothy and read the Bible regularly, even daily, for ourselves. That would greatly help us to grow spiritually and increase in our knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

For any who may read here, I would mention that I have created a reading program that is available on Amazon. Just type the title into the search box on the Amazon site where it is available as a Kindle book ($9.99) or paperback printed book ($19.99). The book is 350 pages long, with a page size of 8 by 10 inches. The title is The Language Enrichment Program. This resource works to improve reading comprehension, reading speed, and academic motivation.

It works well for users of any age above age 8, and works for speakers of English as a second language too. I have used it with adults. I have used it with gifted and talented high school seniors. I have used it with reluctant learners. I have found it helps everyone I have used it with over a period of more than 50 years. Users on average show a gain of two years in reading comprehension, with many users showing four or five years and even more  in a single semester. The Language Enrichment Program is self-instructional and can be used without the help of a teacher or tutor. Parents of motivated children under age 8 can use this resource if they help the child when the child has a question. The book contains a complete answer key with explanations where I have found explanations to be helpful or needed.

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