Daily Bible Nugget #436, Psalm 25:15

The Nugget:

Psalm 25:15  Mine eyes are ever toward the LORD; for he shall pluck my feet out of the net. (KJV) 

Psa 25:15 I always look to you, because you rescue me from every trap. (CEV)

My Comment:

Not since early January have I been able to manage to continue this series of Daily Bible Nuggets based on God’s promises in the Bible.

Notice that reading the Bible promise in more than one English translation helps clarify the meaning for modern readers.

Another great source of insight as to the meaning and repercussions of this Bible promise would be to consult the cross references given for this passage (Psalm 25:15) in my newest work, The Ultimate Cross Reference Treasury.

  1. Mine eyes.  %Ps 34:15.  121:1, 2.  *Ps 123:1, 2.  141:8.  1 K 1:20.  2 Ch 20:12.  Zc 9:1. are.  FS63B1, +Ge 25:28.  toward the Lord.  La 1:11.  Zc 9:1.  pluck.  Heb.  bring forth.  Ps 31:4.  Ex 4:7.  my feet.  Pr 3:26.  out.  Ps 31:4.  124:7, 8.  Je 5:26.  2 Tim 2:25, 26.  the net.  +**Dt 7:25.  +Ps 5:9.
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