Daily Bible Nugget #428, Proverbs 11:27

The Nugget:

“Anyone can find the dirt in someone.  Be the one that finds the gold.”  Proverbs 11:27

My Comment:

My thanks to my Facebook and otherwise long-term friend and member of the Lamplighter College and Career age Sunday school class I was asked to teach, Mrs. Susan Tewksbury Bringard, who posted this verse on Facebook today, though the name of the version or translation is not given.

Surely in the current  political debate here in the United States of America the mainstream media has gone to extreme lengths to dig up dirt on the Republican candidate, Mr. Donald Trump.  This election season is a marvelous lesson in propaganda techniques.  The most prominent of the techniques that I repeatedly notice is that called “ad hominem,” “attack the man.”  And that is about all they have done, with a vengeance.

The so-called “free press” has abandoned the professional standards of journalism and has engaged in an ongoing tirade of verbal abuse and misrepresentation of Mr. Trump in every report I’ve seen or read concerning him.  My advice:  do not depend upon mass media, mainstream news sources, for your information alone.  Notice that the mainstream media, ABC, NBC, CBS, and the rest have not treated Mrs. Clinton in the same way.  There is no even-handedness, no fairness, no balance, no objectivity.  The New York Times, once the “newspaper of record” that printed “all the news that’s fit to print” now is a mouthpiece for the political Left and the Obama Administration.

The best way to overcome the poisoned wells of media bias is to listen carefully to all that the candidates have to say, so that you hear it first-hand from each source.  Watch how they are portrayed in visual media, and even then be careful, for there are techniques used to make someone look bad by how the camera is positioned.  Read what the candidate has written both before and currently, especially books, whenever such are available.

Last night I listened to the second presidential debate on the radio, station WJR in Detroit.  Then today, thanks to another Facebook friend who furnished me the link, I was able to watch the debate allegedly in full on line.

Here is my comment on what I saw:

I listened to the debate live last evening, and I noticed that this video, labeled “FULL,” was edited, for just before the last question was answered, Mr. Trump gave the floor to Mrs. Clinton, remarking that he was indeed a gentleman, and would let her go first.  This exchange did not appear in the video.  Earlier in the debate, Mrs. Clinton was “booed,” and I missed seeing that in the video also.
It is interesting to compare the impression I received from just hearing the audio last night to the experience of now seeing the event, not just hearing it.  There are points that made a greater impression for me when heard than when seen, particularly Trump’s discussion of eliminating state boundaries for the purpose of insurance coverage and availability of providers to compete across state lines in order to reduce medical costs by promoting competition between providers. 
This touches upon one of the most important financial issues faced by our nation.  If monopoly practices in both the insurance and the medical sectors of our nation can be eliminated–and they should be eliminated  by enforcing existing black letter law which forbids price fixing practices–medical costs could be brought down to where nearly everyone could afford to pay directly for medical services, medicines, and medical insurance. The reduction in prices for services and medicines received would be so great that insurance protection would rarely need to be invoked.
This medical monopoly issue is the most important issue now faced by this country, for if it is not resolved during the next  presidential term, medical related spending by the federal government will exceed the present federal budget itself. 
Mathematically this involves the “rule of 72,” which accurately predicts how long a given rate of increase takes to double the expense or return.  At 9% (dividing 72 by 9) it takes just 8 years to double. 
Nine per cent is the rate of increase of government expense in the federal budget devoted to medical expense.  Given what we already spend now, it is mathematically impossible to sustain another doubling of this item in the federal budget.

Now to get back to Proverbs 11:27.  This is how it reads in the King James Version:

Pro 11:27  He that diligently seeketh good procureth favour: but he that seeketh mischief, it shall come unto him.

It is good to compare other modern English versions for this verse.  If you do so, you will get more insight into all that the original Hebrew text may mean.

As it stands in the KJV, the first thing I notice is that this verse contains cause/effect relationship statements.  The first cause statement:  “He that diligently seeketh good.”  Those who diligently seek good, among other things seek the best in others (1 Corinthians 13:4, 5, 6), experience the effect of “procureth favour.”  On the other hand, those who seek mischief (that is the cause statement) will find that mischief shall come to themselves (that is the effect statement).

Another important way to study Proverbs 11:27 is to carefully consult the cross references for this verse from sources that give as complete a set of cross references as you can find.  Here are the cross references for Proverbs 11:27 as I have them so far:

27.  diligently. Shochair, properly, “rising early to seek” what is greatly desired.  +Jb 8:5 (*S#7836h).  +Ge 19:27.  +Ge 21:4.  22:3.  seeketh good.  Am 5:14.  +*Mic 6:8.  1 Cor 13:4-6.  procureth favour.  Ge 47:25.  Lk 6:38.  *Ga 6:8.  He 6:10.  he that seeketh mischief.  ver. Pr 11:19. Pr 17:11.  1 K 20:7.  *Est 7:10.  *Ps 7:14, 15, 16.  9:15, 16.  10:2.  57:6.  it shall come to him.  +**Ge 6:13.  +*Nu 32:23.  Ga 6:7.

Be sure to read the cross referenced passages above by hovering your “mouse” over each reference to have the Bible verse or verses appear.  You will enjoy seeing the interesting connections  Proverbs 11:27 has with the rest of the Bible.

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