Make sure your vote does not reverse your prayers!

There is a spiritual dimension in any election cycle, local, state, or federal.

There are Biblical issues at stake.

In this current cycle, voting for an avowed socialist would not be wise.

Voting for someone who ought to be indicted for knowingly violating federal law while in office would also be unwise.

Voting for a candidate who “says the right things” but over time has not “walked the walk” that matches the talk is unwise. Case in point:  Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate. Perhaps his slogan is “It is time to Make America Sane Again.”

There is good evidence that Mr. Gary Johnson is not someone we should vote for.

Karl Denninger was an officer in the Libertarian Party in Florida during the last presidential election cycle. On his site (Market Ticker) he has stated that Gary Johnson is not worthy of our trust. In fact, Mr. Denninger, as I recall, left the Libertarian Party because of Mr. Gary Johnson. Mr. Denninger said that Gary Johnson was not financially careful with the Libertarian Party’s funds, and went deeply into debt, and far as I have heard reported, never made up for that over-budget expense. 

But most significant of all, Mr. Denninger made extended personal contact with Mr. Gary Johnson and fully explained the precarious financial condition of this country, and let him know precisely what must be done to solve it. Mr. Johnson refused to take a specific public stand on the issue. Mr. Denninger expressed the opinion that if Mr. Johnson or any candidate from any party would seriously address the problem, the public, coming to understand the issue, would flock to support that candidate. I believe Mr. Denninger is correct. I would not support Mr. Gary Johnson. 

In my reading of Mr. Trump’s books, and my watching Mr. Trump on line, it is clear to me that Mr. Trump is aware of this issue, has addressed it, and will in the future take the action to take care of this issue. The fact that Mr. Trump has already taken a stand on the issue seems to be the factor that convinced Mr. Denninger initially to support Trump, though some of what Denninger has written since indicates to me that he has been disappointed that Mr. Trump has not made more specific statements to address what he plans to do should he become President to solve this fiscal problem.  Mr. Denninger seems upset that Mr. Trump has taken unwise stands then back tracked from his stated position.  But I wonder if some of the negative things we hear and read about Mr. Trump are just “poisoned well” political propaganda.

I understand from my reading of Mr. Trump’s books and watching his speeches why he has not spilled all the beans–that is, revealed all his plans. He wisely likes to withhold a good bit of the strategy he plans to use so he has some element of surprise, and also some edge to use in future negotiations. 

In any case, I would consider a vote for Mr. Gary Johnson unwise, and ultimately a “throw-away” vote, because he has absolutely no chance to win the presidency, any more than he had the last time around.

As Christians we need to vote strategically so our vote counts for something in line what the Bible teaches us we should be praying for (1 Timothy 2:1, 2, 3).

[Edited to add, on May 31, 2016:  I see Mr. Denninger has discussed Mr. Johnson again.  Here is the link: I think my memory of what he wrote almost four years ago proves to be quite accurate]

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