Daily Bible Nugget #383, Matthew 10:16

The Nugget:

Mat_10:16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

My Comment:

The teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ is totally contrary to the teaching of Islam and the Koran. Jesus taught us to be “wise as serpents.” In this day we all need to learn the wisdom found in the Bible (1 Chronicles 12:32;  Proverbs 4:7), and take great care to exercise that wisdom effectively and fruitfully (Proverbs 11:30). Jesus taught us to be “harmless as doves.” Our Lord Jesus Christ never suggested in His teaching that we should exercise violence toward unbelievers to persuade them to believe! The Koran, on the contrary, seems to have many passages which encourage outrageous violence against unbelievers. That would seem utterly contrary to the command of Christ to be “harmless as doves.” These facts alone ought to plainly indicate to sensible readers which source of teaching is true, and which source of teaching is false.

Relating these matters to today’s news headlines on the Drudge Report at 10:05 am on Friday, December 4, 2015, consider what the headlines themselves reveal:

Jihad comes to call

San Bernardino Shooter Passed ‘Homeland Security’ Vetting

Killer wrote of spending free time at Mosque, memorizing Quran

Left Remote Controlled Bomb at Party

Wiped Digital Footprint Day Before

Gun Violence Declining—Except in Gun-Free Zones

Loretta Lynch Vows to Prosecute Those Who Use ‘Anti-Muslim’ Speech That ‘Edges Toward Violence’

Muslims feel intense backlash

The “mainstream media” which might better be identified as the “lamestream media” seem incapable, just like our current President, to identify immediately and forthrightly just what happened and what group is behind what happened, and what the obvious solution must involve.

If the San Bernardino shooter passed “Homeland Security” vetting, then those doing the “vetting” need to be held accountable, and forced to abandon their foolish paradigm of “political correctness,” and whatever else caused them to miss what is now painfully obvious. It is about time we start profiling people in earnest. At least from what I have read in news reports in the past, Israel has a superior method of “vetting” that might well prove helpful here.

Notice that the killer wrote of spending free time at Mosque, memorizing the Koran. I suspect that what happened goes beyond that. I have listened to accounts in the past of at least one individual who looked very innocent, who attended a Mosque as a visitor, supposedly only a speaker of English. It turns out she was expert in Arabic, and found out in her visits that the message in Arabic to Arabic speakers did not at all match the message presented during services in English. The English services portrayed Islam as a peaceful religion. The Arabic services did not. If Islam were truly a “peaceful religion” as affirmed by former President Bush shortly after 9/11, spending free time at a Mosque and memorizing the Koran could be deemed both admirable and harmless. We would not fault a Christian for increased church attendance or for memorizing Bible verses.

But further Drudge Report headlines tell us the killer left a remote controlled bomb at the party and curiously “wiped digital footprint the day before.” Looks like this event was not spontaneous, but nefarious, and well-planned ahead of time.

The headline “Gun Violence Declining–Except in Gun-Free Zones” points to the solution, and indicates what should be done. The current President and all too many of those on his side are all too ready to propose additional restrictions on gun acquisition and gun ownership. These individuals are lawless and have no interest in protecting the public. Clearly, we need to immediately eliminate all “gun-free zones” and allow people who wish to take advantage of their God-given rights to self-defense (Luke 22:36) named in the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America to freely do so at all times and places. The Constitution is the highest law of this land. The Second Amendment includes a statement that this right “shall not be infringed.” All laws, therefore, which restrict the right to self-defense named in the Second Amendment in any way whatsoever are unconstitutional on their face and should be repealed.

As for Loretta Lynch, she may be as lawless as the rest of our incompetent lawless administration. When laws are only enforced selectively, according to the whim of the enforcer based upon the currently favored political climate, the result is lawlessness. Where there is no penalty, there is no law. If she is against those who use “anti-Muslim” speech that “edges toward violence,” how about anti-Christian speech that does the same? The First Amendment was written to protect the right to speech that is unpopular to some who may hear it. Perhaps no one would object to speech they agree with. The First Amendment, among other things, protects us from the “heckler’s veto” and the wishes of others who may not approve of the message declared.

To dig more deeply into Matthew 10:16 read the cross references shared below:

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