It is about time to reverse the trend

If you keep track of the news, there is very much going on that is so much nonsense–counterproductive to good sense.

The President of the United States is not thinking very clearly. In his state of the union speech, if I recall correctly, he mouthed off against those who do not believe in global warming. I’m writing this in March of 2015, and right now I would appreciate if Al Gore or President Obama would break down and send me some global warming. There has been no global warming on record for the last 15 years. Those who claim otherwise are tampering with the evidence, faking the evidence, and using flawed computer models (garbage in, garbage out).

President Obama and his ignorant mass media supporters continue to claim that the weather is affected adversely by human activity because that activity results in greater emission of the harmful gas, carbon dioxide. Those who make such claims are numbskulls. They surely failed in their basic science classes. Or they were out and about walking the halls of high school and college instead of attending class and paying attention to the science lesson about the carbon cycle. The so-called “carbon tax” is a pure money-grab by those who favor it and ought to be opposed and resisted. Carbon dioxide is not a harmful gas, it is most beneficial to plants. They need carbon dioxide like we need oxygen. And where do we get our oxygen supply? From plants that need carbon dioxide to produce it. If we had more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere we could have better crops and food harvests because plants would grow more luxuriantly. As for global warming, there is none currently. As for climate change, that is a contradiction in terms. Climate stays the same–whether tropical climate, temperate climate, or whatever climate zone you happen to be. Weather patterns and trends vary from year to year, and across centuries, but such changes are not due to human activity. Carbon dioxide does not produce global warming. Another gas in the atmosphere has much more effect on climate, that dangerous gas known as di-hydrogen oxide. Now that much more abundant gas does what carbon dioxide does not, for it is a very effective greenhouse gas that does trap heat in the atmosphere. You know that gas by its more common name, water vapor.

At the annual prayer breakfast, President Obama made some very uninformed remarks about world religions. He equated the current turmoil in the Middle East and elsewhere today (created by what he refuses to call Muslim Terrorism and savagery) to the Christian Crusades and the Roman Catholic Inquisition. For one thing, those things happened many centuries ago, but Islamic terrorism continues today. There are followers of Islam who are as barbaric today as its founder was about six centuries after Christ. For another thing, Roman Catholicism’s Inquisition against Bible believing Christians, Jews, and merchants, among others, rather marks that era in history as non-Christian by Bible standards.

The Muslim Brotherhood has regular access to our president. He is likely more Muslim than Christian. He clearly favors Islam, and is trying to bring many Muslim refugees here, but not the persecuted Christian refugees from the same regions. He is promoting an immigration policy that rewards illegal aliens who have absolutely no intention of assimilating into our society. He does not want them to assimilate, but to learn to navigate the system here. I say, send all illegal aliens and illegal immigrants back to where they came from. No other nation encourages such stupidity by keeping its borders open and unprotected. God set the borders of the nations for a purpose (Deuteronomy 32:7, 8; Acts 17:26). Tolerating multiculturalism and globalism in any form marks the death knell to your own culture.

Our freedom of religion is being severely compromised, for example, by those who think they can re-define “marriage” (Matthew 19:4, 5) and who think they can shut us up by censoring or shutting down the Internet, who marginalize Christians by defining Biblical truth as hate speech.

Now even Google thinks it knows enough about “truth” to evaluate the truthfulness of any website based upon the knowledge base it has developed from information gleaned from other Internet sites. That is absurd. Truth is not determined by a majority vote. I mentioned this principle to just about all my classes when I taught public high school. Apparently Google has not learned this basic concept. What I have posted on Real Bible Study about the Bible is the absolute truth. But I would suppose they do not know how to figure that out. What this means is that Google will continue to censor content on the Internet, especially content its managers do not like.

What students learn in school is crucially important. There are forces attacking the foundational principles of our culture who have taken over the content of what is taught in public and even private school, even Christian schools. School textbooks have been censored for more than fifty years by publishers who refuse to portray or mention the normal two-parent (husband and wife) family in word or picture. The spread of “Common Core” curriculum today is another example. Those promoting it may in part be ignorant of the motivations behind it. The new SAT Test is touted to match Common Core Content and Standards. Even the Advanced Placement Test in U.S. History has been doctored to reflect not American history but the criticisms of our history from sources that do not share our founding principles and values. It ought to seem strange to thoughtful teachers and administrators that there are such restrictions upon letting parents know much by the way of specific details about what is being taught and tested. At least in some places, parents are denied access to specific information about Common Core. What happened to the principle of transparency? There used to be local control of schools and curriculum. Now that school districts and state boards of educations have eagerly accepted handouts from the federal government, they have had to meet federal restrictions to continue to receive such funding, and are now under federal control.

Educators won’t admit, and most parents do not know, that the most significant factor in pupil success in school and life is what the pupil has learned at home. This means parents must focus upon home education. Home education is different from home schooling. Every parent can provide access to home education. Encourage your children, no matter what age, to learn what they should be taught in school but are not. This is easily done by encouraging your children to read. The most effective way to encourage children to read is to read to them from the time they are infants, and ever after. When children see that parents love books, and love to read, they will follow in their parents’ footsteps. In the home, children can be taught about American history, the founding fathers, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the Pilgrims, the true history of Pocahontas, and much more. Children can be introduced to genuine literature, including the great children’s classics largely shunned by modern educators. Louise Rosenblatt, for example, advocates in her writings that young people should not be encouraged to read children’s literature published before 1972. If you are wise, do just the opposite! Of course the greatest work of literature ever written is the Bible. Children must become familiar with its truths, its stories, its doctrines.

Every home with children must engage in home education if we are to preserve the freedoms bestowed upon us from God through the instrumentality of our very wise founding fathers. Encourage children to read books. Books need to be read in a special order. The concept is simple. Read several books about one subject. Read the easiest book first. Then the intermediate difficulty book next. Then the adult level book next. I call this reading methodology a “Reading Ladder.” What is learned from the children’s book will make the intermediate book seem just as easy; what is learned from the intermediate level book will make an adult level book seem easy. How can you do this? If you can find a public library that still has books in it, choose a book from the children’s section; choose a book on the same subject or person from the young adult section; choose a book on the same subject from the adult section, then read them in that order. If you can’t find a good library, most of this information is available on the Internet. Put books into your budget! Where to find time? Turn off the television set and any other entertainment source completely. Perhaps start, for those glued to the media, by having one day each week to be media entertainment free, to make time for the more worthwhile activity of reading, and as interest in reading grows, allow less time for electronic media. Turn off secular music, especially popular music of the day with its themes of immorality. Use the time and peace and quiet gained for reading and study. Resist the temptation to overburden your family schedule with excessive time devoted to sports and other out-of-home activities.

More Christians need to wake up to what is going on. We don’t go around chopping the heads off of those who won’t convert to Christianity, so those who regrettably differ from us think they can walk all over us. There are more of us than there are of them, though this is changing. We must reverse this wrongful trend. Christians need to wake up and obey the Bible and get busy getting the Gospel out to the unsaved. People who know, read, and study the Bible do not succumb to these supposedly new but very mistaken values. True Christians who are firmly grounded in the Bible through personal careful continuing real Bible study cannot be brainwashed by the media or anything else. Paul warned us to put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:10, 11). Too many are going around stark naked.

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