Lavender New Testament Interview between Pastor Emery Moss and Jerome Smith link

Pastor Emery Moss, Jr., my former student from Cass Technical High School, interviewed me on his “Bible Talk” program on WLQV, AM 1500, in Detroit, Michigan, on Thursday, March 10, 2016 on his daily 6:00 pm talk show program.

Pastor Moss had just received a copy of the Lavender New Testament from one of the members of his church that morning, as I understand it. He saw my name mentioned in it (I wrote the Preface), and immediately called me up and asked me to be on his program that evening to talk about the Lavender New Testament.

You can hear me during the first half-hour of the program when he graciously interviewed me at the following links:

Pastor Moss interviews Jerome Smith

Bible Talk on WLQV with Jerome Smith

The Lavender New Testament, translated by my scholar friend Dr. Malcolm Lavender, with explanatory notes and documentation furnished by his son, Dr. R. L. Lavender, is available for purchase only at the following link:

Lavender New Testament

The Lavender translation of the New Testament is a rare jewel. It features the first and only English translation which accurately and consistently presents to the English reader the very important grammatical nuances of the Greek text underlying our English New Testament.

It presents, for the first time ever, an English translation that preserves from the Greek text the New Testament Salvation Vocabulary.

It is the only translation in any language that fully and properly preserves the New Testament teaching about the Atonement of Christ.

These are important matters! They potentially are eternal destiny altering matters.

To properly understand the doctrinal message of the New Testament, you must first understand the underlying grammar of the New Testament. This is the only English translation available that permits the ordinary English reader immediate access to these great truths in readable modern English.

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4 Responses to Lavender New Testament Interview between Pastor Emery Moss and Jerome Smith link

  1. Ed says:

    It’s an incredible resource for any serious follower of Christ.

  2. Jerry says:

    Thank you, Ed, for your kind comment. You are right. The Lavender New Testament is really equivalent to a study Bible but just the New Testament. I find that the best thing about this resource is that it is focused on what is most essential to know and believe.

  3. Ross Purdy says:

    When will an electronic version be available?

  4. Jerry says:

    I am not aware of any plans to make an electronic version of the Lavender New Testament. As opportunity is provided, I will continue to suggest that this be done. I would like to have it that way too.

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