Religious Extremism–According to the Southern Poverty Law Center


At the top of their list:

(1) Evangelical Christianity (U.S./Christian)

(2) Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt/Islam)

(3) Ultra-Orthodox (Israel/Judaism)

(4) Christian Identity (U.S./Christian)

(5) Al Quaeda (Transnational/Islam)

(6) Hamas (Palestinian/Islamist)

(7) Abu Sayyah (Philippines/Islam)

(8) Ku Klux Klan (U.S./Christian)

(9) SRI Ram Sene (India/Hinduism)

(10) Catholicism (U.S./Christian)

(11) Kahane Movement (Israel/Jewish)

(12) Army of God (U.S./Christian)

(13) Sunni Muslims (Iraq/Islam)

(14) Nation of Islam (U.S./Islam)

(15) Jewish Defence League (U.S./Judaism)

(16) Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (U.S./Mormon)

(17) Hutaree (U.S./Christian)


Well, so much for the list put out by the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center).

The Southern Poverty Law Center might be Southern, but it does not seem to be about either “poverty” or “law.”

The SPLC has appointed itself an expert about religion, apparently. They surely know nothing about the Bible.

The Federal Government, state and local police agencies, and the U.S. Military take what the SPLC says about those it identifies as “hate groups” as Gospel Truth, for they use the SPLC materials in their training.

See the article at World Net Daily:

If the U.S. Government is dumb enough to depend on such a group for guidance, it ought to be dismantled and replaced with a conservative and Constitutional government that follows the Bill of Rights and the Bible (the source of “natural law”) as intended and recommended by our Founding Fathers.


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2 Responses to Religious Extremism–According to the Southern Poverty Law Center

  1. ken sagely says:

    hello jerry great points you make. the splc reminds me of ii tim 3.8 now as jannes and jambres withstood moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds,reprobate concerning the faith.

  2. Jerry says:

    Dear Ken,

    We really do need to stand up for truth and stand against error. The SPLC represents error. No wonder it is against “Evangelical Christians.” Even more so, it is against the Bible.

    “Evangelical Christian” has lost its meaning today if what I heard on the radio yesterday is correct. It was reported that 60% of professing Evangelical Christians and Pastors do not believe Jesus is God.

    It looks to me that such individuals have not been doing much Real Bible Study or they would know better.

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