Daily Bible Nugget #487, Proverbs 11:4

The Nugget:

Pro 11:4  Riches profit not in the day of wrath: but righteousness delivereth from death. (KJV)

Pro 11:4 When God is angry, money won’t help you. Obeying God is the only way to be saved from death. (CEV)


My Comment:

In the light of eternity, riches here on earth will not profit. Riches will not profit in the day of wrath. What is the day of wrath? The “day of wrath” may have more than one meaning in the Bible, but here in the book of Proverbs “day of wrath” may well refer to the eternal day of wrath that represents the final destiny of all who are not saved. It is a reference to spiritual death. This interpretation is reinforced by what is said at the conclusion of this verse: “righteousness delivereth from death.” Naturally, this cannot be a reference to physical death, for even good people experience that.

In this life, make sure that in addition to your pursuit of wealth and riches that you do not miss out on the spiritual riches available through genuine faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Learn more about that by reading the New Testament for yourself. Yes, you can understand it.

Cross References for Proverbs 11:4

Riches. *Pro 10:2; Pro 13:11; Pro 18:11, *Job 36:18; *Job 36:19, *Psa 49:6, 7, 8, Ecc 5:13, Jer 9:23; Jer 48:36, *Eze 7:19; Eze 27:27, +*Zep 1:11; +*Zep 1:18, +*Mat 6:19; *Mat 16:26, *Luk 12:20, Jas 5:1.

day of wrath. Job 20:28; +*Job 21:30, Isa 10:3, **Eze 7:19, +*Zep 1:11; +*Zep 1:18, Zec 9:4, +*Rom 2:5, +*Jas 5:1.

but righteousness. Pro 11:19, Pro 8:18; *Pro 12:28, Gen 7:1, 2Ki 20:3, 4, 5, 6, Eze 14:20; Eze 18:27, Rom 5:17, +*1Ti 4:8.

delivereth. Pro 11:6, Pro 10:2, Gen 7:23, Psa 49:9, Ecc 7:12, Eze 14:14, +*Jas 5:20.

from death. Psa 49:10, Eze 18:4; Eze 18:21, Jas 5:19, 20, 1Jn 5:16, 17.

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