Neither side is always right or always wrong

On a Facebook discussion last night, those who support President Trump were asked to defend him if they could!

I wrote some comments in response. I seem to be the only Trump supporter who did. I guess now I am in the proverbial “dog house.”

But it was all in good fun, I trust.

One person asked:  “Jerome, why do you people always bring up President Obama? It’s about the Trumpster right now. He brought up Hillary today, anyone to get the heat off of him. Did anyone ever call Mr. Obama a racist?  Did President Obama push his people under the bus? Oh well. You know if it wasn’t for him, Trump wouldn’t have pushed them under the bus.”

I wrote the following in response:

President Obama is an honorable man. He was elected as our first black President. For that, I give him honor.
I have written about President Obama on my own website under the category “Politics and the Bible.”
Read what I wrote and judge for yourself.
I will try to post links to some of my articles, but please understand that I am not skilled at using this modern technology the way many younger people are.
It looks like I have mentioned President Obama a few times in my posts about “Politics and the Bible.” I have said some nice things about President Obama. Anyone who takes the time to read carefully will notice I have criticized Republicans in no uncertain terms as well. Neither side is always right or always wrong.
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