The Language Enrichment Program now available

For the benefit of everyone who reads here, I am letting you know that my book, The Language Enrichment Program is now available through Amazon. It may be purchased as a 350-page printed paperback book 8 by 10 inches in page size ($19.99), or may be purchased as a Kindle book ($9.99).

Several very careful readers of this Real Bible Study site have noticed that I mentioned this book from time to time and asked how to get a copy for themselves or their children. I have not been able to share this resource until today. But now it is available to everyone worldwide through Amazon. You can search for it by the title, The Language Enrichment Program, or by my name as the author, Jerome H. Smith.

Who needs this resource?

  • Anyone who needs or wants to improve his or her reading ability or reading comprehension.
  • Anyone who needs to improve his or her knowledge of English, especially those for whom English is their second language.
  • Parents who have children or students who need to improve their grades in academic subjects.
  • Parents whose students are struggling to meet standards in order to advance to the next grade level.
  • Parents who homeschool their child or children. This self-instructional resource would make a very helpful resource to further boost the academic achievement and motivation of your student. This program also prepares anyone who uses it to study advanced material with much greater success.

Here is the text of my informal announcement of this resource that I wrote today with the link to where to get it:

The Language Enrichment Program by Jerome H. Smith is now available for purchase from Amazon in the Kindle and also printed book format.

Any person of any age who needs or wants to improve reading ability should make use of this book.

Need reading help for your child, for your student, or yourself? Get this book and use it. This book works!

Read the full description at the Amazon link.

Don’t miss this opportunity to help yourself or your child to get ahead. Even if you don’t need help yourself, share this information with anyone who does.

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