Bible Proof of Man’s Discoveries, Part 1


I. Scientific Foreknowledge

A. Account of Creation

  1. Its scientific order
  2. Evidences of inspiration and scientific foreknowledge
  3. Other interpretations of the creation narrative of Genesis

B. Origin of Man and the Origin of Religion

  1. The harmony between science and Scripture
  2. Evolution and the facts of science
  3. Evolutionary theory of man’s religious development versus the facts of history and ethnology
  4. The devolution of religion

C. The Flood and the Ark

  1. The flood in history
  2. The flood in geology
  3. The flood and archaeology
  4. The flood in ethnology
  5. Noah’s Ark in the light of science
  6. “Could it hold all the animals?”

II. Scientific Accuracy of Biblical Events

A. The long day of Joshua

  1. And confounded astronomers
  2. In the light of history
  3. Plus the retreating (retrogressive) shadow

B. The Plagues of Egypt

  1.  And Egyptian Records
  2. And Archaeology (of the Exodus)

C. Jonah and the “Whale”

  1. The “fish story” and the fallacies of infidels
  2. Could it happen? –in the light of modern science and discovery

III.  Science in Scripture

A. Medical Knowledge

  1. Moses and hygenics
  2. Other medical references in Scripture

B. Bible Science

  1. Astronomy
  2. Biblical biology
  3. Other scientific inferences and references to physical science

C. God’s Questionnaire

  1. Forty Questions
  2. Three Answers
  3. The Conclusion of the Whole Matter



[Many years ago I prepared this outline for my senior research paper for twelfth-grade English at Cass Technical High School in 1955. Back then, term papers were not returned to students,   probably to discourage future plagiarism. That was a disservice to every student who wrote serious papers, because the student’s research was essentially lost and not easily redone. In those days there was no easy way to make a copy of what was written. This was some time before copy machines were available. I believe my research paper, as now reconstructed from my surviving notes now 62 years later, is of significant value because some of the testimony to the Divine Inspiration of Scripture I wrote about in this paper I have not seen given elsewhere since that time.]

  1. (Part I-C) is subject to revision as full research on this subject has been delayed.  “The Flood in Ethnology” may be placed under or included in “The Flood in History.”
  2. (Part II-B) Material on the plagues of Egypt, at least at the present time, is lacking. This portion may have to be dropped although I have recently come across some good material on it which may, in the end, warrant its inclusion in the outline as indicated.
  3. (Part III-B.2) Material is seriously lacking concerning this theme and it may have to be omitted.
  4. (Part III, its entire plan) Under “Science in Scripture” is given the probable outline. There are few if any books devoted to this subject, and therefore information is lacking. Same condition as Note 2.


The object of this report is not the support of any creed or religious sect’s belief or doctrine, but to show that true science is in complete harmony and agreement with the Bible.

The title, “Bible Proof of Man’s Discoveries,” was taken because it would be false to say that science proves Scripture. The Bible is the Word of God, and as such, any statements it may make regarding or touching upon science are perfectly correct.

In this sense, the Bible offers convincing and conclusive proof of many facts discovered by science centuries after the Bible was written. A few examples may be listed here–the earth’s spherical shape, the movement of the sun, and the planets too, moving about the sun; the number and location of heavenly bodies in the sky, and many other similar items.

Therefore, the Bible has and does give proof of modern (and many not so modern) scientific factual developments, even anticipating them. Most important to be noted is the fact that the Bible, as God had it to be originally written, was not intended to be used as a science textbook. The Divine Inspiration of the Bible is proved by the fact that all within it, properly understood, is found to be true to fact, and that is why I chose this most interesting of subjects as the focus of this research paper.


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