Daily Bible Nugget #452, Matthew 21:43

The Nugget:

Mat 21:43  Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof. 

My Comment:

This is one of my favorite verses about Bible prophecy. I suspect that most Christians, even pastors, have missed its significance.

Evidently the Muslims are aware of this verse, and have come up with a most interesting but mistaken interpretation or explanation of this verse.

In the “Islam and Christianity Debate Group” today, one of the Muslim participants had this to say about Matthew 21:43,

“The kingdom of God has been taken away from You (Christians) [and has been given] to Muslims. You can battle the Bible.”

My Response:

 Mustapha Ibraheem, you have cited a very important verse–one of my favorite.

Jesus was speaking to the Jews when He said this. He was not speaking of Christians at all.

The Kingdom of God which Jesus spoke of was promised to the Jews as seen in the provisions of both the Abrahamic Covenant and the Davidic Covenant.

The Kingdom of God was taken away from the Jews temporarily because they rejected their Messiah, Jesus Christ.

The Bible plainly declares that when Jesus Christ returns in power and great glory and saves the Jews from their enemies, that then the Jews will recognize Who He is, and will believe in Him.

At that time, and not before then, the Kingdom of God will be restored to the Jews in fulfillment of much Bible prophecy contained in the Covenants God made with Abraham and with David.

All this happened in fulfillment of Bible prophecy found in Micah 5:3.

Mic 5:3 Therefore will he give them up, until the time that she which travaileth hath brought forth: then the remnant of his brethren shall return unto the children of Israel. 
Mic 5:4 And he shall stand and feed in the strength of the LORD, in the majesty of the name of the LORD his God; and they shall abide: for now shall he be great unto the ends of the earth.

Notice the statement, “Therefore will he give them up, UNTIL the time.”

Matthew 21:43 is the fulfillment of this prophecy because our Lord Jesus Christ declared to the Jews in Matthew 21:43,

Mat 21:43 Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.

The Kingdom of God was taken from the Jews, and given to those who truly believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Bible further reveals that it is the true believers in Jesus Christ as the Son of God who will inherit the Kingdom of God. The Jewish nation in that future day will be the subjects of that Kingdom in the land of Israel. Our Lord Jesus Christ will reign forever and forever in that eternal kingdom here on this earth.

Thank you, Mustapha Ibraheem, for bringing forward such a significant verse from the Bible.

Any questions? Any comments? Feel free to leave them below!

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