Daily Bible Nugget #370, Jeremiah 10:6

The Nugget:

Jeremiah 10:6 Forasmuch as there is none like unto thee, O LORD; thou art great, and thy name is great in might.

My Comment:

The twelfth attribute of God on my list of well over 40 attributes found in the Bible is the attribute of God being unequalled. If there is no one like God, He is surely unequalled.

In context, Jeremiah is speaking against idols and idolatry. God warns and commands, “Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them” (Jeremiah 10:2).

This is a clear message from God to us that we must not learn the way of the heathen. That means that genuine Bible believing Christians ought to stand out as being different in their values and way of life, compared to the pagan culture around us.

In my own experience, I have found that people will notice that I am not like them. I tried to hide that the first day on the job when I worked at Michigan Bell Telephone Company. By the end of the day my co-worker who was training me asked, “Are you going to be a preacher?” To this day I do not know what prompted that question or observation on his part. I had purposely not said one word about the Bible or the Lord. I learned from that incident that our testimony shines through even if we do not express it verbally.

By the way, I am not a preacher. I became an English teacher, a world and American history teacher, a reading specialist, and a writing specialist and consultant at the high school level. But I have continued to read and study my Bible.

But if God is unequalled, and we truly know and belong to Him, we should not be following the latest fad, agreeing with supposed majority opinion, using the same ungodly vocabulary, or blending in with the world about us. Our values must be rooted in God’s Word. But for that to take place, we must be reading and studying God’s Word. I hope you will do just that. Then God can use you as an instrument in His hands to bring others to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

For those who desire to DIG DEEPER into this subject:

(1) Consult the cross references given in Nelson’s Cross Reference Guide to the Bible on page 806 for Jeremiah 10:6.

(2) Consult the cross references given in The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge on page 832 or in Logos 5 or 6 Bible software for Jeremiah 10:6.

(3) Consult the cross references given in the original Treasury of Scripture Knowledge on page 473 of the OT or on line at www.blueletterbible.org for Jeremiah 10:6.

(3) Most people today do not have access to those three print resources, so I have posted cross references for this passage as I have developed them even more completely for your study as given below:

Jeremiah 10:6. none like. ver. Je 10:7. +**Ge 18:25n. +Ex 8:10. *Ex 9:14. *Ex 15:11. *Dt 32:31. 33:26. 1 S 2:2. 2 S 7:22. 22:32. 1 K 8:23. 1 Ch 17:20. 2 Ch 6:14. Jb 36:22, 23. *Ps 35:10. 77:13, 14. 86:8-10. 89:6-8. 96:4, 5. 113:5. Is 40:13, 14, +*Is 40:18, +*Is 40:25. 46:5, 9. 55:8, 9. %+*Mt 8:27. +*Mt 28:19n. thou art great. Je 32:18. Ex 15:7. Dt 3:24. 1 Ch 16:25. +1 Ch 29:11. 2 Ch 2:5. Ne 4:14. 9:32. Jb 25:2. Ps 48:1. 77:13, 14. 95:3. 96:4. +*Ps 104:1. 145:3. 147:5. Is 12:6. +Da 2:45. 4:3, 34, 35. Mal 1:11, 14. thy name. +Ps 20:1. 75:1. might. Jsh 4:24. Jb 36:22, 23. +Jb 42:2. Ps 50:1. Lk 1:49.

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