Daily Bible Nugget #309, John 6:14

The Nugget:

John 6:14 Then those men, when they had seen the miracle that Jesus did, said, This is of a truth that prophet that should come into the world.

My Comment:

The thirteenth proof for the Perspicuity of Scripture is the amazing knowledge of the Scripture exhibited by ordinary people among the populace as well as the leaders in the time of Christ (The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Topic Number 1122, page 1598).

During a home Bible study with several members of my high school Sunday school class we, without planning to do so, began to brainstorm the subject of what the ordinary people or their leaders knew about the Bible as revealed in the New Testament. I am thankful that at the time I wrote down the Scripture references to the passages we found. I placed those collected references at John 6:14 as Topic Number 1122 in The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.

I believe there is much to be learned from this set of references. First, the common people in Israel and their leaders knew much about the Scripture–probably more than many of us today. Second, that they had such a broad understanding of the Scriptures pertaining to their promised Messiah shows they bear great responsibility for failing to recognize Jesus Christ as their Messiah. Third, that this knowledge was as diverse and widespread as we read it to be in the New Testament surely proves the Perspicuity of Scripture, for however they learned these truths they themselves mention–whether by hearing the Scripture read to them, or whether they read the Scriptures for themselves, surely that they understood them to such a degree demonstrates the Bible is understandable.

The only way I know to convey to readers here the thrill of the discoveries we made that evening in a home Bible study is to ask that you consider carefully the references we found, now given as Topic Number 1122, for John 6:14, at the key words This is as displayed below, and read the verses to see for yourself. I am posting the references for John 6:14 so that you may enjoy what we found, that it may be an encouragement to your spiritual life as you grow in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18) as we did.

For those who desire to DIG DEEPER into this subject:

(1) Consult the cross references given in Nelson’s Cross Reference Guide to the Bible on pages 1174-1175 for John 6:14.

(2) Consult the cross references given in The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge on page 1196 or in Logos 5 Bible software for John 6:14.

(3) Lacking access to those two resources, consult the cross references for this passage as I have developed them as given below:

John 6:14. seen the miracle. ver. +Jn 6:2. Jn 2:23. 1 S 10:7. Ac 2:22. said. Jn 7:12, 31. This is. T#1122. Jn 1:21, 41, 45, 49. 7:31, 40-42, 52. 12:34. +*Da 11:33n. Mt 2:1, 2, 4-6. 10:15. 11:2-6, 22-24. 12:23. Mk 6:11, 15. Lk 2:25-35, 36-38. 7:16, 19-23. 9:19. 10:12-16. 19:11. 23:42, 43. 24:17-21. Ac 1:6. 17:6, 7. 26:26, 27. of a truth. Gr. alēthōs (S#230g, Mt 14:33). Jn 7:40. 8:30. Mt 14:33. Lk 4:25. 9:27. 12:44. 21:3. 22:59. Ac 4:27. 10:34. 1 Cor 14:25. that prophet. Jn 1:21, 25. +Jn 4:19, 25, 42. *Jn 7:40. 9:17. +*Ge 49:10. **Dt 18:15-18. +Mt 11:3. +Mt 21:11. Mk 6:15. Lk 7:16. 24:19. Ac 3:21-24. 7:37. should come. Jn 11:27. +Mt 11:3. world. Gr. kosmos, +Mt 4:8.

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One Response to Daily Bible Nugget #309, John 6:14

  1. ken sagely says:

    jn 6.14 Then those men, when they had seen the miracle that jesus did, said,
    This is of a truth that prophet that should come into the world.

    cross ref
    jn 20.30 And many other signs truly did Jesus in the presence of his disciples,
    which are not written in this book:
    jn 20.31 But these are written that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ the
    Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.

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