Daily Bible Nugget #273, Psalm 119:12

The Nugget:

Psalm 119:12 Blessed art thou, O LORD: teach me thy statutes.

My Comment:

Saints pray to be taught the Scriptures (The New Topical Textbook, subtopic under the main heading “The Scriptures,” page 240).

Notice that the Psalmist prays to God to teach him the Scriptures. God welcomes us to do the same. I find a model prayer to this end just a few verses later at Psalm 119:18, “Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.” The teaching provided by our pastors and Sunday school teachers is certainly of great help to our understanding of the Bible, and we should pray for and thank God for these teachers in our life. But God has privileged us in this day and age to be in a position to study and learn from the Bible for ourselves. Don’t miss the benefits of taking advantage of the privilege God has given us to learn more from and about the Scriptures.

For those who desire to DIG DEEPER into this subject:

(1) Consult the cross references given in Nelson’s Cross Reference Guide to the Bible on page 627 for Psalm 119:12.

(2) Consult the cross references given in The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge on page 672 or in Logos 5 Bible software for Psalm 119:12.

(3) Lacking access to those two resources, consult the cross references for this passage as I have developed them as given below:

Psalm 119:12. Blessed. Ps 28:6. Mk 14:61. 1 Tim 1:11. 6:15. teach me. T#1096. ver. Ps 119:7, 18, 26, 27, 33, 64, 66, 68, 71, 72, 108, 124, 125, 135, 171. *Ps 25:4, 5. *Ps 86:11. 94:12. 143:10. Jb 34:32. Is 2:3. 54:13. Mic 4:2. Mt 7:7. +*Lk 11:9. **Lk 24:45. Jn 6:45. 7:17. *Jn 14:26. *1 J 2:27. thy statutes. ver. +Ps 119:5, 26, 68. Ps 19:8. Ge 47:26. Ex 15:26. Dt 4:1n.

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One Response to Daily Bible Nugget #273, Psalm 119:12

  1. ken sagely says:

    ps 119.12 Blessed art thou, O lord; teach me thy statues.

    cross refs

    ps 25.4 Make me know Thy wayse, O lord; Teach me thy paths.
    ps 25.5 Lead me in Thy truth and teach me, For Thou are the God of
    my salvation; For Thee I wait all the day.

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